Release Day: A Sacred Vow by Willa Thorne


Cover Design: Sara Eirew

Release Date: October 24, 2016



I swore a solemn oath that saw to the end of the Cormacs, a family of hunters that persistently sought to rid my coven’s existence.


For years we have lived in the shadows, free from hunters and the weapons of wood that could destroy us.


But the familiar scent of Cormac blood is awakening my senses. We were certain that we had ended the bloodline. Now, the vow I swore plagues my mind. The guilt I harbour buries deep. The desire and lust burns.


My pledge to my family is now a promise to protect the woman I love.


Aurelia Galligan is a descendant of the Cormac bloodline. I should drain her. I have to destroy her. But she may just end me.


**This is a forbidden romance between the hunter and the hunted. It features smoldering vampires and no cliffhangers. The content is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.**







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About the Author

Willa Thorne channels her overactive imagination into all of her writing. She enjoys any genre in romance, especially contemporary and paranormal. She grew up in New Jersey and spent a six years living in southern California. She currently lives in Connecticut with her husband and their rescued dog, Lola. Willa is also a caffeine addict and a sucker for chocolate.


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Review: For the Love of English

For the Love of English
For the Love of English by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For the Love of English is an extraordinarily exquisite story that will literally bring you to your knees. The intense love and devotion to family is a powerful presence that will overtake and consume you from beginning to end. There is nothing left to chance as you are overwhelmed and swept into a world where children are a huge blessing that light up your life and family is what makes life sweet and spicy. Each character you meet only reinforces the utter rightness and true magnificence of family. Family is not a dirty word smudged with inconvenience, but it’s what gives life its vitality and meaning.

Sheridan is a fresh new teacher who just wants to start out her teaching career making a positive impact on her kids and proving that she is the good teacher she knows she can be if given a chance. Falling in love with her kids wasn’t in her plan, but it makes her work more of a pleasure then a pain. She is getting along with her boss and the other teachers, but its one particular parent that is becoming a painful source of annoyance and discomfort. Trying to control her temper around him doesn’t last as he pulls every strong emotion directly from her heart. Beckley is the father of her favorite student named English, and she soon finds out that there is a very real and very painful reason for his brash and ride behavior. Will Sheridan’s helpful nature put her in the middle of an impossible situation, or will it send her into a head on collision with a future that would never have had the imagination to begin to dream about?

I was left in awe at the breathless yet shocking journey that Sheridan and Beckely finds themselves entangled within. Beckley would have never have chosen Sheridan to join him on this brutal path, but before he realizes it, he understand that she is his perfect confidant, friend, and helpmate. He couldn’t have wished for anyone as brilliant, kind, and fierce as his daughter’s new teacher. He may be rough and rude at times, but Sheridan was made to iron out his rough edges and refine his otherwise sharp personality. Sheridan falls in love so completely with Beckley, his daughter, and his parents until she can’t picture herself anywhere else with anyone else.

A.M. Hargrove is a wonderfully brilliant author who knows how to touch your heart in a truly unforgettable way. You will walk away with a changed heart, renewed thinking, and a fresh way to view the world around us. My first foray into her writing has proven that she is an author you don’t want to miss out on! Her brutal honesty, incredible creativity, and unadulterated hope will light up a whole new world before your eyes.

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Cover Reveal: S. C. Daiko Two Three Four


Title: Two Three Four : A Menage Erotic Romance 
Author: S. C. Daiko 
Genre: Menage Romance 

Release Date: Nov 25th 




Max Conti. One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome. Hot as fu*k and my boss.

Why am I crushing on him?

I don’t do crushes.

And I definitely don’t do falling in love.

But when Max proposes a “friends with benefits” relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can’t resist.

And then there’s Steve. Open to anything and a total hunk.

I shouldn’t want two men in my bed.

Except I do want them.

I want them so bad I can’t keep my head straight.

It’s lust, simple as that. No strings… just two guys, a girl, and a whole lotta sex.

I can handle that.

Sure I can.

It’s no big deal.

It’s not like I’m gonna fall for them or anything, right?


Sexy Italian Max has the starring role in some hot dreams and wild nights for Lauren when she leaves her life in Seattle behind to work for his company in Rome, Italy. There she’ll eventually meet gorgeous Englishman Steve, and then crazy ideas start to form in Lauren’s mind about having both men in her bed. When Lauren’s fantasy becomes reality, the two sex gods take her to such heights of kinky pleasure she never imagined possible. So what could possibly go wrong?


TWO THREE FOUR includes the never before published TWO, an updated version of THREE, and the unabridged FOUR. A panty-melting emotional read. 18+only.



S. C. Daiko, aka Siobhan Daiko, lives with her husband and two cats in northern Italy, in a converted artist’s studio with gorgeous views across the Venetian plain. Originally from the UK, where she was a languages teacher, Siobhan occasionally leaves her writing cave when she has visitors, and likes nothing better than plying them with prosecco and introducing them to the dolce vita. An avid reader of all genres of romance, she loves writing about strong heroines who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it, and hot alpha males with loving hearts.
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Review: Bossy

Bossy by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bossy is a brilliantly stunning hurricane that will consume your mind and overwhelm every part of your heart. You will be left with massively intense emotions and beautifully epic feelings that you don’t know exactly how to process, but you welcome all the same. If you never thought a short story could ever effect you, then you have never read anything written by J.L. Beck. She will take her senses by storm and never stop her exquisite barrage until you have lost your footing and are left completely at her mercy.

Sadie is determined not to fall for her boss like every other woman in her office. She is better than that, and she deserves so much more. She wants respect above all else, and she will fight tooth and nail to get it. Cameron has kept his eye on Sadie since she started working for him. Something unseen draws him to her at every turn, and he is powerless to stop it. Will the push and pull between these two lead to an ugly demise, or will an unseen yet hoped for future win out in the end?

I never expected anyone like Sadie to be matched up the ultra-alpha male of Cameron, but she was his perfect match. She never took anything from him that she couldn’t meet with the same level of sass an honesty. I was completely floored at how perfect these two are! It’s completely incredible and truly blissful to watch their journey take place. I couldn’t have loved their story anymore.
J.L. Beck has accomplished a magnificent goal of making me feel, love, and fall apart along with her wonderful characters. She is an incredible author whose talent needs to be shared, savored, and appreciated by all readers who want the ultimate experience from the small pleasures in life. She is not one to be missed, so if you haven’t read any of her books, I implore you to pick up one of her brilliant works of art right now.

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For You, I Will Release

For You, I Will
A Sex & Vows Novella
Contemporary/Suspense Romance
*Standalone crossover with the Yeah, Baby


on Kindle Unlimited*
Isaac Harvey fell hard for his young client, Eden, the
moment he met her. After helping her out of a jam that could have landed her
behind bars, he wasted no time putting his ring on her finger.
Eden gave up hacking—mostly—for the title of wife and
mother. After a year of negative pregnancy tests, she’s starting to become
restless. But when Isaac takes on high-profile murder case, Eden dusts off her
keyboard and dives in, ready to help.
What she uncovers is a conspiracy that is about more than
just murder. With danger swirling around them, Eden and Isaac are forced to
fight for their lives—and they discover there is nothing they wouldn’t do to
protect their love.


The far off sound of voices floated
into the room and Eden sprang up, shoving me away with surprising force. Once
she was standing, she looked down at herself in horror, just then realizing I’d
ruined her shirt and there was no way to fix it.
“Isaac! What the fuck? I can’t
leave here like this. Not unless you want the world to get a nice look at my
I growled and yanked her body up
against mine. “First of all, you’re going to get yourself a spanking if you
don’t watch your mouth, and second”—I leaned down until my face was only
centimeters from hers—“no one sees
what’s mine.”
Her eyes narrowed as she glowered
at me. “What exactly am I supposed to do? And put that thing away!” she
snapped. My dick was clearly appreciative of the look and feel of her naked
tits pressed against my chest. Despite the mind-blowing orgasm I’d just had, he
was up and ready for another round.
The voices drew closer so I stepped
back, tucked myself back in, and snatched up my suit coat. I held it open for
her to slip her arms inside and it engulfed her. She looked so damn cute.
“That’s a good look on you, Eden.”
Jax’s laughing voice came from the doorway and we both spun to face him. Eden’s
face was bright red and she shrank down into the coat like a turtle trying to
hide in its shell.
“I—um—spilled something on my
shirt,” she stammered. Jax’s grin grew to epic proportions and I quickly pushed
her behind me and scowled.
“What the fuck do you want,
jackass?” I snarled.
“I just came to see if you wanted
to grab some lunch,” he explained, leaning casually against the doorjamb. His
eyes glittering with mischief, he gestured to something behind me. “Looks like
you’ve already eaten.”
Eden shrieked, and I glanced back to see her
scrambling to her discarded underwear. She snatched them up and shoved them in
her pocket before turning blue death-rays on me.


**All books available on Kindle

Penalty Clause
Contingency Plan
Fraternization Rule
Risqué Contracts Series Box Set
Penalty Clause,
Contingency Plan & Fraternization Rule
Amazon UK →

Baby, You’re Mine
Baby Steps
Baby, Don’t Go
Yeah, Baby Series Box Set
Baby, You’re Mine,
Baby Steps & Baby, Don’t Go
Dance With Me, Baby
A Yeah, Baby Novella
I’m Yours, Baby
A Yeah, Baby Novella
Brief Me, Baby
A Yeah, Baby Novella
Until Death Do We Part
A Sex & Vows Novel
Mafia Ties Series
Nic & Anna’s Story
Mafia Ties
Brandon & Carly’s Story


Hello! My name
is Fiona Davenport and I’m a smutoholic. I’ve been reading raunchy romance
novels since… well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to write
sexy stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their books
on the steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is kind
of awesome since I’ve always wanted one.

Review: A Harmless Little Game

A Harmless Little Game
A Harmless Little Game by Meli Raine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Harmless Little Game is a truly exhilaratingly, pulse pounding thriller that will claw its way under your skin and into the core of your very being. It will settle into the depths of your heart and seep into every part of your soul. Your small world will be rocked to its very foundation, and you will ask more questions than you will ever find answers to. What you will begin to discover is that this story is so much more then what you first believe. Indulge in every facet of this incredible story and lose yourself to its many layers and levels of meaning. This is yet another spectacular creation of the fantastically talented Meli Raine that you will not want to miss a single word as you savor this beautifully crafted work of art.

Lindsay’s entire life morphed into one never-ending nightmare one fateful night. People she thought were friends betrayed her in the worst possible way, and she was left with scars that cover her body, her heart, and her soul. After emerging from this hell, she scrapes her way back to reality and to being human again. She is literally hanging on by a thin shard of hope as she finds her world once again being wildly shifted. Running out of options and desperate for allies, Lindsay finds herself trying to skate the thin veneer of her life to not alert those pulling the strings that she has her own plans that will twist the rules of this old game. By a wondrous miracle hope comes in the form of her old boyfriend Drew and her newly regained friend Jane. Can she trust them with the information they are feeding her, or is she truly on her own in reclaiming her life and her freedom?

Lindsay’s characters truly blew me away. Her inner strength and courage astounded me after all that she had been through. I am not sure that most people would be able to pull themselves together long enough to acknowledge the world around them after living through such a carefully created hell much less have the determination to take their life back. She is such a wonderful character so full of hope that I couldn’t help but cheer her on. Drew puzzled me more than anything. I couldn’t quite figure him out at first, but once he opened up to Lindsay, I finally realized just how incredible he is as well. He went through his own personal hell after what happened to Lindsay. I look forward to watching these two hunt down and destroy the puppeteers and show them that no one will ever pull their strings again.

I have been craving and missing these extraordinary stories from Meli Raine. I felt like I could breathe again while diving into this fantastic new series. Raine is a dream author that knows how to make you experience every aspect of her story. She effortlessly pulls your heart completely into her world. You become an integral part of the journey, and savoring every step of the journey is an exquisite gift that I thoroughly enjoy. Raine needs to be on your short list of favorite authors as she will rock your world without fail!

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MORE THAN EXIST by Bethany Lopez
Women’s Fiction / Contemporary title


Love can exit your life as quickly as it enters it, shattering your heart in the process.

It’s been a year since my husband was taken from me in a tragic accident. I thought it would kill me. Now, I think I’m ready to start healing.

My mother says my idea of taking a solo cross-country road trip is crazy, but I see it as my road to recovery. Along the way, I’ll have to deal with the poor choices I’ve made since Ricky died. I’ll have to overcome the terror that his death has caused me. I’ll have to find my balance again.

And once I meet Luke and his young son, I’ll have to decide if I can take the risk to do more than exist and learn to love again.




“Hi,” I said, putting on a brave face and descending the stairs to greet them. “I’m Belle, you must be Matty.”

“Hi, Belle,” Matty said with a sweet grin, instantly melting my fears away. “Are you named after Belle on Beauty and the Beast? Is California always sunny? Have you been to the ocean? I’ve never been to the ocean, but I want to build a sand castle. Did you know mares can be pregnant for up to three hundred and sixty days?”

I laughed, utterly charmed as Matty put his hand in mine and pulled me up the stairs and into the house. I turned back to look at Luke, who was smiling and shaking his head at his son.

“No, I didn’t know that,” I responded as we went into the kitchen. “Yes, I’ve been to the ocean. California isn’t always sunny, but it usually is, and no I wasn’t named after that Belle. My full name is Mirabelle, which was my great-grandmother’s name.”

“Oh,” Matty replied, then yelled, “Cookies!” and proceeded to shove one almost entirely in his mouth.





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Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She’s a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn’t reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.
Bethany Lopez is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.