The Difference Between Night and Day by Melissa Turner Lee

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Title: The Difference Between Night and Day

Author: Melissa Turner Lee

Published: February 12, 2013

Word Count: 70,000

Genre: Christian Paranormal Romance


Nathaniel Taylor was a Christian who thought believers were exempted from “dark times.” That was until he entered his own long time in the dark. When he meets Lilly, a young woman in danger, it sends him on a journey to discover the difference between night and day and that during dark times, the Light is hidden, not gone.

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The drumming of two additional heartbeats echoed in my ears. The smells of adrenaline and body odor combined with that of chemicals being cooked. Upon closer examination, I could see the padlock on the shack was not engaged; the latch was open. Immediately, I grabbed Lilly’s arm and swung her behind me. She did not resist.

One of the brown wooden doors flew open, revealing two men pointing black 40-millimeter guns at us. The gaunt and filthy men were both in dirty jeans, too old and worn to be worth washing. One had on a black t-shirt with the name of a heavy metal band on it, while the other wore a filthy hole-infested blue shirt. Same sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. Related.

“Look-a-here, a couple of trespassers,” the man in the black shirt announced. “What was it the boss said to do with trespassers?”

An evil smile grew on the face of the other man. “Shoot ’em dead. But he never said we couldn’t have a little fun first.”

“I like how you think, little brother,” he replied, never taking his eyes off of us. A disgusting glint appeared in his eye as he gave Lilly a head-to-toe look. He nodded into the direction of the trees just to the left. “The two of you are going to walk with us into those woods there. It will make it a little easier for us to shoot you and drag you to the lake without being seen.”

I secured Lilly’s position behind me and drove ice into my tone as I answered, “I don’t believe we’ll be making things easy for you this evening.”

“Tough guy huh?” the older one responded almost cheerfully. “That’ll only make it more fun when you start to beg.”

“Oh, I won’t be the one begging.”

“No, that’ll be your girlfriend’s job,” answered the one in blue with a chuckle.

In less than a second, I shoved Lilly several feet away and lunged at the man in the blue shirt. A shot rang out at close range, followed by Lilly’s scream.

Melissa Turner Lee

About the Author:

Melissa Turner Lee holds a BA in Communications with a concentration in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. She has studied fiction writing since 2008, attending various writing conferences and workshops, along with guidance from professional writing coaches. She resides in Spartanburg, SC with her husband and 3 sons.

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Why do you write?

It is my calling in life. I felt the need to write and prayed about it and started writing that day.

What drove you to write The Difference Between Night and Day?

Write after I prayed for God to give me a story, The Difference Between Night and Day showed up in my head. I saw the beginning, middle and end and had to write it down. I’d never experienced that before and it took over. I had to write it.

Was it difficult to write The Difference Between Night and Day?

My dad died a few weeks into the project. I was supposed to go away for the weekend and write but ended up having a funeral for my dad that weekend instead. For a while after that, I had writer’s block and flashbacks to that weekend. But I finally got back to writing and experienced insomnia through most of it. The file somehow became corrupted and did crazy things to my computers and to the computer of my first editor. It even caused the delete key to get stuck and I watched the whole document delete one letter at a time as I watched the cursor run backwards. Fortunately I was able to recover it. It often felt the project was being attacked.

What do you hope people will take away from reading The Difference Between Night and Day?

That God loves them and is with them even in the darkest of times.

What other books have you written?

The Earth Painter and The Man Painter as well as Armored Hearts co-written with Pauline Creeden

What types of books do you plan to write next? Anything new or just a continuation of what you are writing now?

I am writing a time travel romance set in the 90s called Forever Layla and plan to write Armored Hearts 2 with Pauline right after that. Then a stand-alone book that goes with The Difference Between Night and Day.

What are your dreams for the future?

To be able to write fulltime for a living.



Here is my review for this truly amazing and powerful story!


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