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Meet Flynn and Lucky in this rock star romance!


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Despite the fact that Lucky had just casually mentioned that the lobby lounge serves coffee beginning at six a.m., I’m pretty sure of myself that she’ll be down there. But when I step off the elevator, the lobby is quiet. Empty. The coffee urns are just being set up in the lounge. I pour two mugs, make them just as we like it, and settle on one of the couches on the far side of the room where it’s private, yet I can still keep an eye on the door.

I grab a newspaper and begin to flip through to kill time. Then my eyes catch a pair of pink-painted toes in flip-flops. I don’t know why, but it’s in this moment that I realize, I’m fucked.

The sight of her toes makes me smile.

I’m falling for another guy’s girl. Something I promised myself I’d never do.

But then I reason with myself. I haven’t done anything wrong. Thinking a woman is beautiful and spending time with her doesn’t have to turn into anything, right? They’re just toes after all. But look how cute they are. I’ve never been a foot guy, yet I wouldn’t mind sucking… Stop. Just stop. We’re just friends.

Because I’ve been friends with so many hot women in the past and not fucked them? Yep. I’m screwed. I need to get the hell out of here.

“Good morning,” she whispers and smiles down at me. My eyes lazily travel up from her toes.

I’m totally not going anywhere.

I hold up her mug of coffee. And then I realize she still has the thin shirt she wears to sleep on and I’m eye-level with the sexiest taut nipples I’ve ever seen.

Screw sucking her toes… “Certainly is.” I grin.


Excerpt #2

Ten minutes later I’m still alone behind the bar and Avery is nowhere to be found. I’m sure she’s in the back alley smoking, even though she swears every day that she’s quit. I check the IDs of three very young-looking pretty girls—they’re over twenty-one, but barely. I can’t miss their conversation.

“Seriously, he has to be gay.”

“Why, because he hasn’t noticed you yet?”

“No, because he’s too perfect to be straight.”

“Could we buy someone a drink?” one of the young blondes asks me.

“Of course. What do you want me to send over?”

They giggle for a few minutes, then decide on a Screaming Orgasm for their intended target. I mix the vodka, Bailey’s and Kahlua and pour it over a tumbler of ice.

“Okay. Who’s the lucky recipient?”

All three of them point to the other end of the bar and say in unison, “Him.”

Lord. That is one beautiful man.

The three blondes were clearly not the only ones to notice. The brunette next to him with her full boobage on display is giving him her rapt attention when I walk over. Yet I feel his eyes on me as I walk down the long bar. I’m used to being hit on. Men seem to find an attractive woman whose sole purpose is to deliver them alcohol an alluring combination. They tend to become even bolder after tossing back a few drinks.

Halfway down the bar, I stop to refill a beer for a patron. I don’t need to look up as I pour to know Beautiful Man is still watching me. The hair on the back of my neck is all the confirmation I need. He never takes his gaze off me, even when I turn, catch his eyes, and silently call him on his staring.

“I’m here to deliver you a Screaming Orgasm.” Damn, he’s even hotter up close. Sandy-brown, shoulder-length hair tousled just the right amount to make him look like he’s just gotten laid. Long, lean torso, tattoos on his forearms peeking out from his long-sleeve fitted shirt. Nice. Then he smiles. Dimples. Yep. He definitely just got laid.

“Thank you. But I have a ladies-first policy.” He winks.

I stare at him for a moment, then drop my eyes down to the drink, leading him to follow.

“Oh. You meant the drink.” He smirks—it’s sexy as hell, and he knows it.

I roll my eyes, but there’s a reluctant smile hidden just beneath the surface. “It’s from the three barely legal ladies down at the end.” I nod in their direction and all three smile broadly and wave.

“Well, that’s disappointing.”

I arch an eyebrow. “Those three women buying you a drink with a name that tells you what their plans are for you later is a disappointment?”

“I thought you were buying me the drink.”

Cheesy, I know, but there’s a flutter in my stomach nonetheless. “Sorry. But you get the Doublemint triplets as a consolation prize.” I shrug, trying to come off nonchalant, and turn to walk away. This close to him, the guy is making me fidget. It’s a big bar, but the way he looks at me makes me feel like we’re in a confined space.

“Wait,” he calls after me, and I turn back. “What’s your name?”

I smile and point at the sign over the bar. Lucky’s.

beat teaser rd 1beat teaser rd 3My Review

Beat is a breathlessly captivating and meticulously crafted journey of finding a long awaited treasure that your heart has deeply and desperately searched for. This is an extraordinary story that will reach into the very depths of your soul and never leave it the same again. What you find within these pages is a solely unique and utterly irreplaceable experience that comes straight from the magnificent heart of a truly incredible author! Few things in life ever feel as perfect as a beautiful literary masterpiece that has a wonderful down to earth feel and yet takes your breath away by the utter majesty of a love so pure, so true, and so passionate that the world simply falls away as it blossoms before your eyes.

Lucky has lived her life surrounded by the wonder and miracle of music. It brought her the greatest pleasure and the darkest pain. As far as she is concerned her life couldn’t be any better except for her daily struggle with a devastating fear that has haunted her for the past eight years. Everything she has ever wanted has finally fallen into place, and she is slowly but surely working on conquering her fear. However, the last she expects is for her heart to start beating again at the first sight of a beautiful stranger named Flynn. Flynn is absolutely spellbound by the stunning woman he finds working the bar at Lucky’s. He feels his world shift, and he knows he will never be the same again. The more he gets to know her, the more confident he is that he has found what his heart has been desperately missing. Nothing will stand in the way of showing her exactly what she means to him, and if necessary he will make the greatest sacrifice that he can – laying his heart down at her feet. Will Lucky cherish Flynn’s heart and allow herself to be ravished by his all-consuming love, or will she shatter his heart and run away from the strange and terrifying feelings that he unleashes within her?

Lucky and Flynn both stole my heart but for very different reasons. Lucky is an amazing woman with a huge heart that only wanted what she had lost returned to her. She would do anything for a friend and is a very gracious hostess. I felt that she deserved the good things in her life and then so much more. I felt she had the heart of a warrior because she never gave up on overcoming the pain and fear of her past. Flynn lives the life of a rock star on the cusp of coming into his own, but even with the new fame, he is still extremely down to earth. He loves his sister and his niece deeply, and he does everything he can to help them out and make their life easier. He isn’t jaded and doesn’t carry an ego the size of Texas. Instead, he graciously accepts the attention of fans and then chooses to focus on the things in life that matter the most and will leave a lasting impression. Together, they share a love so huge and so bright that those around them will either be blinded by its brilliance or encompassed by its passion.

Vi Keeland is a literary powerhouse that has taken the art of writing to a completely new level. Her stories are astounding and unforgettable because they are created with a remarkably unfathomable depth of heart and soul. You will never be able to walk away from her influence and remain the same. The change within you will be subtle, but you will find it very real. Whatever you do, please do not miss out on the spectacular experience of discovering and savoring a Vi Keeland masterpiece.

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About the Author:

vi keeland

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn’t change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads





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