Peace by Piece by SJ McGran Blog Tour

Title: Peace by Piece
Author: S.J McGran
Release Date: June 29, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
There’s an expiration date on every life. A ticking clock counting down the seconds until you no longer exist in this world.
Each tick of the clock is louder for me.
I don’t have an eternity. I have one year. Just twelve short months.
If life promised an infinity he could have been my forever, and without a doubt I should have been his always.
“Been waiting for you, Genevieve. I know it. You were made for me.” He continues
assaulting my lips and neck with his kisses, pausing at the hollow of my throat
to whisper there, “You feel that? You feel the world tip on its axis when we’re
together? It’s earth-shattering. It’s like we can fix everything that’s wrong
in this world just by being together. Do you feel it, V?”
I let out a needy moan from the back of my throat. I want to feel it. I want his
words to be true. I want more than anything in this world for our relationship,
for his kisses to have healing powers.
Standing there in the middle of my tiny cabin, with the most
beautiful, amazing man holding me in his arms, with his lips driving my pulse
through the roof, I send up a silent prayer to every God that might be
listening to let his words be true.
Please, let him heal me. Let this
pain, this suffering be worth something. Give me this man, please. Give him to
me and I’ll never ask for anything again. I’ll be your greatest servant, your
best disciple. Just give me this man. Please.
He pulls back and I feel the loss of his touch immediately. “Come on, sweetness,
we need to get you washed up.” Grabbing my hand in his he pulls me through the
one room cabin to the small closed-off bathroom. Picking me up he sets me on
the vanity while he goes to the shower to test the water temperature. Once he’s
apparently satisfied, he turns back to me and takes my breath away with the strength of his stare.
This wasn’t supposed to be our fate. He’s just a kid. He’s not supposed to fall in love, yet. And,
yet I know it is inevitable. I see it in the way he looks at me, the way he
touches me. It doesn’t make sense and yet there it is. I recognize it because
if I were to force my eyes off of him and look at myself in the mirror I’d see
the same emotions reflected back at me.
This is the moment where I either push or jump.
And, I have no idea what to do.
“Don’t shut me out,” his words are whisper quiet but they bounce off the tiled walls
mockingly. “Don’t push me away, V. Don’t fight this.”
“I have to, Levi. I can’t let you fall in love with me.”
He steps up to me and once again nestles my face in his steady grasp. “You don’t
have a choice.” He absorbs whatever argument I was going to say with his kiss.
Expertly he pushes back my excuses, making me focus on nothing but the way he
makes me feel. He completely surrounds me and I get lost in him. Just like he

Life isn’t fair. That’s an almost mindless mantra that we hear on a nearly daily basis that has come to mean so little to most of us. However, for some this is a daily reality. They live and breathe a heartbreaking and painful life one day at a time. Life is truly and utterly unfair for them, their family, and their friends. It’s only through their own inner courage, faith, and hope that they are able to see the dawn of a new day. When they run low on reasons for pushing through another day, they are refueled by the amazing people that surround them and pour their love and encouragement into them. For them each day and each breath is a true and priceless gift from the Creator. They don’t take anything for granted, and hopefully they can teach the rest of us that the small things in life are the greatest treasures and gifts that we could ever be given.

Genevieve is sure she has attained the pinnacle of life. She has a fabulous job that she has worked so hard to finally achieve, she has a handsome boyfriend, and an apartment that most would leave most people thoroughly jealous. Just as she thinks she has achieved all of her greatest dreams, her thirtieth birthday marches in with an earth-shattering revelation. Reeling from the news, she begins to take a long hard look at her life. In order to gain some much needed perspective, she decides to go back to her childhood safe haven. What she finds there is something that will forever change her life, her heart, and her future. Levi Tillman works at the ranch that Genevieve’s aunt and uncle owns. What starts out as just another day for him ends up being the start of his greatest adventure in finding a love beyond his wildest dreams and learning what it truly means to live life to the fullest. Can Levi convince Genevieve that his love is true and forever, or will she chose to close her heart in order to protect those around her from the terrifying reality that has become her life?

Genevieve and Levi were truly breathtaking and wonderfully fascinating as they both navigated this heartbreakingly real yet beautifully transforming journey. What I saw, every emotion I felt, and the way my heart was shredded left me in utter astonishment and pure bliss. The contradictions of wanting to hide yet longing to be exposed, not feeling worthy of love and yet craving it beyond comprehension, and demanding honesty while concealing lies thorough well disguised omissions burned and embedded themselves from my heart to my soul and left me realizing just how much of those very things I see in my own life. I couldn’t stop the flow of tears as I read through this book at record speed which should tell you, it’s not a safe story, but it is a very important and life transforming story that desperately needs to be read and put into practice. Peace by Piece left my heart completely ravished, my mind absolutely mesmerized, and my soul refreshingly infused with a love of extraordinarily epic proportions. There isn’t anything more that I could possibly ask from a story that breathes and embodies the definition of perfection.

The writing of S.J. McGran is near and dear to my heart because her characters reach me on such a very basic level, her storylines never fail to enthrall and delight, and the level of passion and dedication she pours into her masterpieces continually take my breath away. If you are looking for a book that will tear down the walls around your heart and open you up to the realm of endless possibilities, then you have to pick up one of S.J. McGran’s books today. You will never regret it!

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About S.J McGran
One day I woke up and realized there were people living inside of me. Their words were too potent to ignore. So, I started writing them. I started telling their stories. And, now I’m too addicted to stop.
When I’m not writing and talking to imaginary people I’m probably curled up on the couch with my husband, and one of our fur babies.
My other obsessions include reading smutty romance, the Detroit Tiger, ice cream, pizza, coffee, and craft beer.
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