Healing Me, Trusting Him by Screaming Mimi Blog Tour

Title:  Healing Me, Trusting Him
Author:  Screaming Mimi
Cover:  Stacy Pritt
How do you recover from a childhood built on lies and betrayals?
How does a Marine heal from battle scars?
Marie is a wounded soul who grew up in a house of lies and betrayals by those who where supposed protect and love her.  Will she be able to find the healing she needs on a ranch in Montana?
Deuce has healed on the outside from his wounds, but now he needs to heal the scars on the inside.  Can he find the strength to win Marie’s trust and heal them both?

Healing Me, Trusting Me is a beautifully inspiring and passionately written journey of gentle healing and ravishing love that promises to be a life-changing experience. This story will stretch your heart to the breaking point while filling it with more love and hope then you would think possible. Never underestimate the deep longing for peace and wholeness to a broken, hurting soul.

Marie is a woman with a dark past that she would love to leave buried never to see the light of day. However, her deep scars and recent events refuse to let her past die a long needed death. She is thrust front and center back into the pain and humiliation of her childhood only to find a small yet determined ray of light beckoning for her to step into its warmth and comfort. Wanting to see if life can finally bring her some semblance of peace and happiness, she decides to take a step into a promising unknown. What she finds is beyond her wildest dreams if she will only choose to embrace it with open arms and not hold anything back.

I loved watching Marie being offered a wonderful yet unexpected change if she chose to make it permanent. Not only has Fate decided to smile down her on and her daughters in the form of a long lost relative but also in finding her once in a lifetime soul mate. Just when she was content with watching her life go stale and dull, she is given more love and happiness that proves to reshape and strengthen her cold and hardened heart.

Screaming Mimi writes with her heart and soul, and her story will reach into your heart and transform it. The journey she takes you on will change everything and your world will slowly tilt until you realize that the smallest things in life are worth more than riches, notoriety, and security. The greatest things in life can’t be bought or stolen. They can only be offered and accepted.

The Fate Series
Submitting to Fate (The Fate Series Book #1)
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Conquering Fate (The Fate Series Book #2)
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Screaming Mimi
Screaming Mimi lives in Texas with her husband, two girls, and two dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s a domestic goddess who… dabbles in photography. She grew up as a military brat and went on to become a Army wife. She’s loyal to a fault and cusses like a sailor when the fancy strikes her. She loves hearing from fans so email her at authorscreamingmimi@gmail.com


Fate’s Warrior (The Fate Series Book #3)
Strippin’ Ain’t Easy

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