Review: A Broken Kind of Beautiful



My Review

A Broken Kind of Beautiful is an incredibly powerful and desperately passionate journey of figuring out what and whose you are. This is a story that will not allow you walk away without a heavy, contemplative heart. There is no hiding from the tender yet insistent love that will wind its way around and inside your very soul. It will dig into the hard parts and open you up to the exposing yet healing light that God shines on all of us. This revealing process isn’t meant to destroy us but to rebuild and perfect us. Only God can love us with all of the mud and muck that we allow to cover and mar ourselves.

Ivy had no clue who or what she is. While her life started out with some sense of normalcy, she finds that the older she gets the more unnatural her life becomes. It’s a slow and torturous process that she endures without realizing the true pain and loss that she is eagerly led through. What she see is not a picture of deformity and emptiness but one of unspeakable beauty and ultimate satisfaction. What will happen when Ivy’s eyes are opened by one man who seems to be hopelessly immune to her charms and painfully aware of the secrets she is desperate to hide? Davis left home to try to outrun the anger that festered inside his heart. What he found gave him a sense of ultimate purpose and an unending high. When his world implodes and the horror of his choices threatens to destroy him, he returns home and seeks forgiveness from his family and his loving Savior. However, his stubborn mind won’t allow that forgiveness and redemption to infiltrate his heart completely. Can God use a hurting and desperate woman to show Davis that His redemption is truly unconditional and unquestionably freeing?

This is truly a twofold story at its very core.  What we see laid out before us are inverse images of the same story. Ivy was carefully led astray by those who should have loved and protected her. Davis knew exactly what he was doing when he left seeking his fame and solace. While Davis desperately clings to the pain of the past to keep him on the path he feels he deserves to walk, Ivy is trying to find something to cling to while her world falls apart around her. Can God do the impossible and use the other to open their eyes to what their life should and could be? Is it possible that when God brings two people together that they not only bring completion but lift the other up and show them that God is so much more than they ever thought possible?

Katie Ganshert is without a doubt an incredibly gifted author who knows how to paint a redemption masterpiece that will shatter your heart and then allow God to gently transform it into something absolutely breathtaking. She isn’t afraid to delve into the ugliness of humanity only to show the captivating beauty that He wants to bestow upon us. Sometimes He uses beauty and peace to accomplish his goals, and other times He chooses to use bitter pain and darkness to prove to us that nothing is beyond His grasp or His incomprehensible love.



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