Review: Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy


Never Let You Go is an exquisitely magnificent and brilliantly unique love story that will quietly reshape and gently mend even the coldest of hearts. This is unlike any love story that you will ever read. It will crawl into your heart and send shock waves throughout your soul. It’s unconventional in its madness, and beyond breathtaking in its passion. You will never be able to stop the reach or the impact that this book will forever have on your life.

Katie has been trying to crawl out of her never-ending nightmare, and just when she thought she was catching glimpses of the light, she slips back into the ever welcoming blackness. She was beyond thrilled to think that she could be a girl falling for a normal guy who seemed to like her no matter her quirks and secrets. Just as she was grasping at a hope she thought she would never see in her life again, it was ruthlessly taken from her. Her heart was shattered and her life was plunged into a painful, hopeless jumble. What she didn’t expect was that the one person she trusted more than anyone would lie to her and tear her heart from her chest. What was all of her effort worth if this is the reward that she is given? Can Katie find the resolve to continue fighting for her life, or will she allow those around her to dictate and push her into a darker night then she thinks she can ever return from?

Will and Katie undeniably blew my mind and captivated my very soul. There was no doubt the feelings that they shared for the other were real and true, but their struggle was in how to deal with and finally overcome their shared past going forward. It haunted and tainted the good and wonderful things they dared to hope for. My heart was shredded at seeing how hard they had to fight to just to hold onto each other and the promise of a future that always seemed so elusive and just out of their grasp. Their determination and the heart’s refusal to let go are the only things that held them together individually and as a couple. They are truly inspiring and incredibly beautiful!

Monica Murphy has reclaimed my heart with this stunning sequel to Never Tear Us Apart. Her masterful storytelling decimated my heart with a blunt instrument called hope and then tenderly healed it with a ravishing gift called love. She makes no excuses for her the power of her words and the force they will tear through your very being. You will feel every single emotion, hear every desperate cry, and relish every single drop of light that will cascade through the pages of this spectacular book. This is one story that will live within you until the end of time.


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