Becca Lee’s A Perfect Chance

Title: A Perfect Chance
Author: Becca Lee
Genre: Aussie Contemporary Romance with a hint of  MC
Release Date: May 4th

Editor: Hot Tree Editing

“Ms. Lee’s sweet and sensual style is a welcome respite from the angsty conflict currently common within the genre. Her writing is also infused with generous hits of humor and insightful observations.”
Chasing a ghost is easy. It’s finding yourself that’s the real challenge. 
Drowning in darkness, Mace struggles to move on from a past filled with sorrow. Anger is a much easier emotion to handle, one he readily embraces. Burying himself in his work and spending his nights with his brotherhood of bikers, Mace is determined to spend his life playing by his own rules.
Plagued by her own guilt, Lena desires nothing more than to break free from her past and to start afresh. But fear and anxiety threaten to keep her hostage, leaving her frustrated and stifled. The last thing she expects is another brooding man to be her possible way out.
While Lena is determined to fight for her future outside of the Deadwood MC, Mace is resolute to avoid any hope of happiness. Together, they have to decide what they’re willing to risk for the perfect chance.


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A Perfect Chance is an absolutely incredible testament to the power and the possibilities that love can unlock and transform in any life.  You will find this beautiful story will quietly and sublimely ingrain itself into your very soul. What you will find within these pages is so much more than a simple love story. You will find the gift of boundless hope, the treasure of limitless potential, and the raw life-changing truth in its rarest and purest form. Life is meant to be enjoyed, cherished, and anticipated no matter who you are. Never put limits on yourself or anyone else.

Mace lives his life with purpose and heart. Everything he does is to help those around him who deserve everything that life has to offer. However, he knows he doesn’t deserve the same in return. He lost that privilege whenever he failed so completely the one person he loved more than anything. Now, his ultimate goal is to retribution, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.  Lena had a limitless future in front of her until one day stole it all away. That one day decimated all of her dreams, and left her instead with fear and doubt. She resigned herself to living this half-life until Mace comes riding into her life. Mace is enthralled by this enigma name Lena who has captured his heart without even saying a word. Slowly, she fights to take her life back, and Mace finds himself in awe watching this amazing woman blossoming right before him. Can Lena find the courage to walk forward and take what she wants knowing that she is stronger and wiser for her past, or will she experience the ultimate setback when danger comes looking for her and Mace?

I was left honestly speechless by this incredible couple! Individually they have been torn apart and frayed at the edges, but as a couple, they piece together a breathtaking love that transcends their past and highlights a bright and magnificent future. Watching Mace follow his heart without tripping over his past fears was such a beautiful sight, and Lena never failed to amaze me at how much strength she truly held within her when she wanted nothing but Mace in her life. If the danger heading their way thinks it can destroy them without much of a fight, it has another thing coming. Mace and Lena will meet it head on and fight for all they are worth for their happiness, their future, and most importantly their love.

Becca Lee never fails to prove how impressively and powerfully talented she is! Each of her books will gently open your heart, find a hidden wound, and begin healing it before you know what it’s doing. There is nothing more capable of transforming a life then love, and Becca wields this knowledge with a gentle and loving hand of a mother, a lover, and a friend. This is why her books will forever remain as one of my all-time favorites. Nothing is more amazing then experiencing a story that touches you so deeply that it stays with you for a very long time. An imprint on your heart is a mark that stays with you for as long as you walk this Earth.

Book One
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Book Two
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Spending the last few years near the Queensland coast, Becca is rarely out of the sea or off the beach. Dragging her long board with her and her overworked Kindle Fire, Becca enjoys her three addictions: reading, surfing, and ogling surfers, one of whom is her husband of ten years.

She can still be found regularly on the beach with her family. Becca tends to leave the surfing to her boys; she’s far too busy immersed in her own writing or, of course, with her head still buried in a new read.

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