Book Blitz – The Burden of Trust by Tabitha Dye


Title: The Burden of Trust

Author: Tabitha Dye

Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Release Date: October 18, 2013

Cover Design: Tabitha Dye


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The Burden of Trust is a love filled drama about an arrogant actor who accidentally falls head over heels with a lesbian who has a dark twisted past.


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As a last resort, Kate found herself in the hospital chapel; even though she wasn’t a religious person, she needed guidance more than she had ever imagined. Sitting in silence with maybe one other person, Kate was unsure of how this was done. It had been three months since Kerri had fallen into her coma, and Kate had begun to lose her faith about recovery. Her eyes closed and her hands folded in a prayer pose; she didn’t pay any attention when someone sat down in her pew, but continued to pray. A soft, drawling voice spoke to her and rattled her nerves. Kate had prepared herself for this moment; it would only be a matter of time before they showed up.

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The Burden of Trust is a story that will push past your boundaries and invade your senses. It will make you feel every single word and appreciate all of the wonderful things in you have in your life. Just when you think you have this story pegged, it will twist and turn and take you on a wild ride that you never saw coming. Whatever you do, don’t take people in your for granted. Appreciate each of them for who they are and the impact they make on your life. While no one can ever be replaced, don’t push someone away for fear of forgetting something else. Allow them to permeate your soul and bring the warmth and light of love into your heart which was made to receive and give it.

Kate has a past that she had tried very hard to get past. While she treasures her memories more than life itself, she can’t allow them to pull her back under their oppressive tide of regret and pain. When she unexpectedly meets a man name Chris Cody, she is taken completely by surprise and left off-kilter. She doesn’t know what to do with someone just wanting a taste of real life after years of being brainwashed in Hollywood. Over time, they form a friendship that begins to weaken the rock hard walls built around her heart. Will Kate and Chris both allow themselves to truly feel and live again, or will they continue to live within the shell of a life that they have constructed to carefully protect their heart?

While this isn’t the genre that I would normally read, it was a story that touched me very deeply. The storyline was very intense and riveting. Even though I wasn’t personally able to finish reading the entire story due to its intensity, I am sure that others will find it completely captivating and delightfully compelling.

Tabitha Dye is an author that you want to keep an eye on. She has a lot to offer, and she is only getting warmed up. Her talent is like a blossoming flower that you don’t want to let eyes off as it blooms into something beautifully rare and absolutely exceptional. Her crafting tool is her very being and the ink she uses is the very blood that runs within her heart.  Don’t overlook this author as she spreads her wings and graces us with the most precious gifts of her soul.

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Tabitha is a new and upcoming author who just finished her first novel in The Burden of Trust series. At the age of twenty she was published in Families Like Mine, which sparked her passion for storytelling.

Currently living in Florida, Tabitha is a graduate from University of Central Florida with a Business degree. Today she spends her time reading, traveling the state with her husband and finds herself addicted to English Tea to help with the late night writing sessions.

I self-published, so there is no specific editor and I created the covers through CreateSpace.

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