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Royal’s a #Prick he’s also my new stepbrother… #MeetRoyal in #RoyalPrick #NOWLIVE

Want a taste of the book? Check out the excerpt below:
“You don’t know what I can handle and what I can’t handle and you won’t ever get to know now that you have pushed me away. Now let go of me, because I have a bottle of Jack Daniels waiting for me, and who knows whatever else I can find.” I pulled my arm away from him causing him to grip my flesh harder, the digging of his fingers into my soft flesh turned me on, the pain and pleasure coursing throughout my body mixed together in an explosive way.

“Don’t do anything stupid, because if I find out you gave yourself to someone else it won’t end pretty for him. Your pussy is mine. It has been since you told me I was your first kiss, and since the moment you looked at me in that fucking bathroom and said that you had never come before. It’s mine, and it will be claimed by my cock when the time is right. Do you understand me?”

My mouth grew dry. His words alone were lighting my body on fire.

Not again Noelle. Don’t let him win this time.

I straightened my shoulders, and shrugged off his hold.

“It’s not yours until you claim it Royal, and I already gave you that chance so I guess we will see what happens tonight.” I couldn’t give him a chance to respond because I knew I would be to weak to say no to him. There was no way I could resist Royal. He was a drug that I wanted more than anything else. I was an addict for his love, and I hadn’t even had a taste of it yet.

He let me go, for whatever reason, maybe it was because he finally got what I was saying or he just knew I needed time alone. Whichever it was, I wouldn’t be turning around to say thank you, or to ask why.

No. I needed to get drunk and find someone to take care of me. If Royal didn’t want me like I wanted him right this second then there would be someone else that wanted me just as much. Pushing all thoughts of Royal to the back of my mind, I walked out of the house and out to my jeep getting in it and heading towards the Falls.

The line had been drawn in the sand. Royal was on one side, and I was on the other.

Who would be the first to cross the line?

Royal Prick Teaser #8


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