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Title:   Changing Moon
Series:  Paranorm World #3
Author:   June Stevens
Published:  June 30th, 2016
Publisher:   Crimson Tree Publishing
Genre:  NA mature Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:   Contains adult and sexual content
Recommended Age:  17+
A brutal attack has left Anya’s body and life forever changed.
The man she loved is gone, her relationship with her family is in tatters, and her future is dead. With the woman who attacked her still at large, her growing friendship with Luca is the one comfort keeping her sane.
Determined to take control of her life and her body, she finds her purpose to move forward… getting revenge.

Excerpt #3:

I could see dark rage slide over Fiona’s features.

“The instant I’m off this ridiculous suspension, I’m going after Cora. I will shred her nasty little heart with my bare hands,” she spat out, her words full of venom.

“No, you won’t,” I said, my voice calm.

She shook her head. “Don’t worry about me; I can take care of myself.”

I took a step closer to her, my hands clenched at my sides. “Let me make myself clear. If you go after Cora, we are no longer sisters.”

Fiona’s eyes went wide with shock. “Wh…what?”

“I’m no longer the weak little norm girl who can’t protect herself.”

“Anya, no,” Fiona protested. “That’s not what I think. I love you. You are my baby sister; it has nothing to do with you being weak. I want Cora dead for what she did to you, to our whole family. We almost lost you, and that is why I want her dead. That’s all.”

Emotion welled up inside me, threatening to explode out. I had no idea what form the explosion would take, so I clenched my fists harder, the pain of my nails biting into my palm helping me stay in control. “Fiona, I love you. I respect your need to protect me, but I don’t need it anymore. You will always be my big sister, but it’s time for me to fight my own battles. I understand how you feel, but you need to understand how I feel. Cora is mine. She will die, and I will be the one to kill her.”

Fiona’s eyes filled with tears. “Anya, you’ve never killed anyone. I have—it’s my job. I can’t let you just go after her and kill her. Vampire or not, you could be killed. If you do succeed, I’m afraid of the darkness that could take you over. I know I spout vengeance, and trust me, I feel it. But if I go after her, she will die by the hand of a Blade, not a vengeful sister.”

I took several deep breaths and focused on the sharp, burning pain in my palms. This was what I had come here for. “Then train me.”


Author Interview


What was the inspiration for your story?

I wanted to tell a vampire change story that was different from the ones we see most often in urban fantasy today.


What kept you going throughout the writing process?

My family, including my best friend.  Changing Moon had some of the most emotional scenes I’ve written.  I had days when I was just emotionally drained, and if it hadn’t been for my family’s support, I may have just given up.


Who is your most meaningful character and why?

In this story, it would have to be either Fiona or Luca.  They are both “secondary” characters in Changing Moon, yet they were key to Anya’s journey.


Can we expect to hear more from these characters in the near future?

Oh, absolutely.  Anya, Luca, Jarrett, and the rest return in Avenging Moon.  It’s not finished yet, so I don’t have a release date to give you.  You’ll also see most of the cast in Shifting Moon.


How has this story touched your life?

This entire series has been both amazing and emotional for me, Anya’s story especially.  Originally the series was supposed to be three books, but as planned currently it will be five.  However, some of the characters are taking me in a direction that may add two additional books for a total of seven.  I’ve connected with the characters in these stories so deeply that I often find myself talking about them as if they were real.  While I do have a planned end to the series, I know that when that time comes, I’m going to be very sad to leave my Moon sisters behind.


What motivated you to start writing?

I don’t really have an answer for that, as I’ve always been writing stories.  However, I can tell you what motivated me to start the Paranorm World series.  I’d written and published many short novellas under various pen names in the past, but worked more in cover design and consultation helping others publish their own books.  When my mother died in 2011 without realizing her lifelong dream of writing a novel, I knew I couldn’t put off my own dreams any longer.  I’d had rough story outlines and character notes for the series jotted down for a couple of years, but the day after her funeral I started writing Voodoo Moon.

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About the Author:
JUNE STEVENS WESTERFIELD writes romantic fiction with strong, confident heroines. Her non-fiction work includes collections of real life stories that help give other women a voice. In addition to writing, she runs two small businesses designing greeting cards and websites. When not working she can be found reading, making jewelry, or snuggling on the sofa with her husband and six furbabies binge watching Netflix.


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