Review: Lost Wishes

Lost Wishes
Lost Wishes by Kelly Gendron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lost Wishes is an incredible powerhouse full of deep truth and desperate emotion that will pour into every crevice of your heart. This story will capture your attention with its spellbinding intrigue, and then it will hook you on the powerful determination just before it drops a devastating bomb that will obliterate your world to tiny pieces. The only word that encapsulates this story is “unexpected”. The level and depth of emotion, the magnificent characters, and a storyline that shred every part of you is what kept me glued to the pages. I had to understand and see it through to the end no matter how it physically hurt. It was well worth every second of my time!

Katie has a job to do. She is on a single-minded mission to find something important for her boss and his wife. It just that the item she needs is located on a boat owned by a recluse of a man. No one knows the full story of what happened to him, but that he has retreated from life after a terrible accident. Fallon is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma of a man, and Katie doesn’t have the time or the inclination to look past the surface. Unfortunately, Fallon demands her attention by this deathly quiet personality and hard as steel temperament. There is so much more beneath the surface, and she knows she will lose everything if she tries to uncover his secrets. Can curiosity really kill the cat, or will Katie find a way to only dip her toes in the water without luring the shark lying in wait for its prey?

Katie and Fallon are truly extraordinary characters that demanded my full attention and my heart. They didn’t take it easy on me as I experienced everything they went through. They charged ahead full steam, and I was forced to watch my heart being ripped to shreds. I was speechless throughout most of this story. I didn’t know how to process what was seeping off the pages and into my soul. The emotion was at dangerous levels, but yet I couldn’t look away for fear I would miss a moment of blissful, quiet peace. This book made me work at seeing it through to the end. I wasn’t a spectator, I felt like I was a part of it even if only on the outer fringes.

You will be shocked to realize that this is an author who knows exactly how to get, keep, and manipulate your attention and your heart without even realizing what is happening. This is the mark of a true literary master, and this is one book you will definitely remember for a long time to come.

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