Review: A Player for A Princess

A Player for A Princess
A Player for A Princess by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Player for a Princess is an absolutely sizzling sensation! It will lure you into a fabulously luxurious world that is constantly standing on the edge of a knife. Theirs is a hard fought life that depends upon a frightfully delicate balance that teeters between being happy and being safe. Royal life in this country will make you think twice no matter who you fall in love with. However, the burning passion, the undeniable love, and the life altering hope that you find will leave you with no choice at all. This story will whisk you away and test all of our boundaries while it brazenly consumes you piece by irresistible piece.

Zelda is drowning between her old life and the new one that she desperately wants. However, she knows the score. She isn’t cut out for the elegant, stifling world that Cal and Rowan belong to. In her heart, that’s not for her no matter how badly she longs to be with Cal. Cal isn’t one to be deterred from what he wants, and he wants Zelda in his arms and his life indefinitely. He won’t take no for an answer no matter what pitiful excuse his beautiful little con artist comes up with. She is his end of story. Will a deadly threat to his country and his family prove to be the one thing that can keep Cal from his heart, or can even a royal family being held together by a fragile thread prove that love is the most powerful force on Earth?

While I loved Cal before, this story brought to center stage his true heart and his limitless capacity to love and care for those he treasures. There was nothing that would stop him from keeping Zelda in his life, and he proved that time and time again. There is truly nothing that Zelda could use to fight against Cal’s overtaking of her heart. He completely consumed her and she needed and deserved that more than anything. She needed to be taken care of after looking after Ava for all of those years. She could now focus on her own happiness which I so longed for her to take hold of and finally accept. What an incredibly breathtaking couple!

Tia Louise has proven without a doubt that she is a true master of the romance genre. She has forever cemented her spot in the place of the elite among the wildly gifted authors of our time. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to experience and savor each of her stories that I had read. They are game changers in this industry, and each one tests my heart, my imagination, and my very soul in stretching beyond who I am and into someone that I want to become. Tia has touched my life in a way that I can’t truly explain, and I will never be able to thank her adequately.

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