Review: Christmas Pets and Kisses 2: 12 Sweet Romances

Christmas Pets and Kisses 2: 12 Sweet Romances
Christmas Pets and Kisses 2: 12 Sweet Romances by Nikki Lynn Barrett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Her Christmas Chance is a truly enchanting and beautifully touching story of forgiveness and redemption. Above all, we just want to be loved and accepted for who we are. This incredible book highlights that one desperate desire and shows just how powerful of a motivator it is in every area of our life. No matter what we do, we can’t hide from it. We have to walk out and hold our head high no matter what we have to face. This beautiful story is a living and breathing reminder that we are all purposefully unique, loved beyond all measure, and created for a very special purpose.

Bella is a woman of great strength and unfailing love. However, she has grown restless with her life. She is ready to finally spread her wings and experience more of what life has to offer. The only issue is trying to convince her family that she can do this on her own. While her family has been wonderfully supportive of her in light of her cerebral palsy, their recent efforts have grown more and more stifling. In an act of independence and desperation, Bella finds herself following her sister to Christmas Creek, California where she discovers more than just a new appreciation for the spirit of Christmas. Chance has been on the straight and narrow for the past three years. Working for his step-father has brought him the acceptance and love that he has been missing for most of his life. He couldn’t ask for more until his brother Lucky meets Bella’s sister Tally. Being inexplicably drawn to Bella and her loving spirit changes Chance more then he realizes. He wants more now than he ever has, but can his future withstand his past when it rears its ugly head?

I can’t get over just how much and how hard I fell in love with both Chance and Bella. They were both incredibly amazing characters in their own right. I admired their inner strength and their fierce determination to live the way they saw fit. They never backed down from their ultimately goal, and once they found something truly worth fighting for they held on for dear life. Their journey was hard but wonderful to watch as it ultimately shaped them into a beautifully refined version of themselves.

Rachelle Ayala will always hold my heart in the palm of her hands with each powerful yet gently story she brings to life. It’s hard to find an author that stirs your soul the way that she does. There is no mistaking her gentle heart and her graceful gift of words. They will penetrate even the hardest of hearts if given the chance. I challenge even the most devout literary readers to pick up one of Rachelle’s books and not find yourself lost to a world of painful struggle yet blissful hope and love. Her writing will literally change your world because it will change your heart.

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