Review: Faded Perfection

Faded Perfection
Faded Perfection by Cassandra Giovanni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Faded Perfection is an excruciating masterpiece. The hard fought and sweetly savored victory quickly became a waking nightmare. No one was immune from its horrific impact, and nothing was left unscathed. Even the sacred pieces of those involved were forever marred and skewed. No one ever thinks about the far-reaching and unimaginable impact that one life can have on many until that hell comes to take residence.

The life River thought she desperately wanted for so long was almost within her grasp when the pieces began to rain down around her. The faster she tried to pick them up and put them back together the more they warped and changed shape on her until she realized that they would never fit together like had always dreamed. Her dreams didn’t exist anymore, and without them she beings to wonder who she is now. Just when she begins to walk a new and unknown path, West enters her life in an unexpected way. He breathes new life and awakes new dreams within her heart. Will River allow herself to take hold of a new beautifully, radiant future, or will the past hold her forever captive to her regrets and guilt?

If I thought that Adam and River were perfect for each other, I have to admit that River and West are just as good together if not better. Because of their mutual scarred pasts, they are able to raise up and brighten the life of the other. Their power is limitless and so is their capacity for love. They are exactly what the other needs and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. However, I feel a deep nagging that neither of our beautiful characters have fully dealt with their pasts, and that we have a tough road ahead that requires walking, climbing, and crawling in order to reach the end.

Cassandra Giovanni is truly a master at twisting and coaxing the deepest emotions from your very soul. She doesn’t cut any corner nor does she cut her readers any slack. You feel every raw and excruciating step that her incredible characters take. She makes you appreciate and even love the complexity of the human condition. We are flawed at our very core, but we will always be a beautiful creation.

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