Review: Descendant Prophecies Box Set

Descendant Prophecies Box Set
Descendant Prophecies Box Set by Mary Ting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From Gods is an achingly beautiful and superbly electrifying journey of impossible self-discovery, true life-changing love, and non-stop adventure. This is one story that I just couldn’t let go of. The magnetic draw of the exquisite characters and the masterful plot proved too much for me to be able to put this book down until I reached the end. My love of mythology, the lost art of chivalry, and the transforming power of pure love held my heart captive, and I was unable to remove my eyes from the brightly charged magnetism that was the soul of this stunning piece of artistry. You do not know what you are missing until you dive pell-mell into this all-consuming story of blinding purity, unrestrained heart, and brutal honestly.

I was in complete and utter awe as I watched with bated breath the slow but stunning relationship that developed between Skylar and Mason. While Mason fought his feelings for Skylar, I was completely overjoyed to see him treat her with the gentle respect and delicate tenderness that all females should receive. To see that the concept and pursuit of chivalry is not dead elevated this story to a whole new level for me and endeared it to my heart.

Skylar served as an inspiration to me. She displayed an inner strength that kept her firmly rooted in reality while the world around her was anything but logical. While her heart was in an almost constant state of inner turmoil over Mason’s confusing displays of emotion towards her in addition to the newly discovered revelations that changed her view of the world around her and of who she really was, she was able to keep it in check and move beyond it. Instead of falling apart at the seams whenever her world was uprooted, she chose to concentrate on the good and positive things that she found in the midst of these changes – the support and love her friends and family, a possible new relationship with Mason, and her new world of existence that lay before her. She pushed ever forward with utter surety that she would find the answers to her ever-demanding questions.
Her strength was rooted in the group of people who became her family. Starting out as mere strangers, they come together despite their differences and transformed into the heroes that Skylar needed them to be. They were her heart, her protector, her encouragement, and her motivation to keep going. Without them, she would never have gotten as far as she did. Without them, she would have lost her heart, her mind, and her soul to the danger that jealously and fiercely tried to end her life.

Mary Ting has without a doubt created a stunning and outstanding work of art in From Gods. I eagerly anticipate the sequel to this amazing story as I am officially hooked! Without hesitation, I am thoroughly impressed with Mary Ting’s amazing literary talent! To say that I am mildly looking forward to reading more from her, is a massive understatement. She is officially on my favorite authors of all-time list. I highly recommend that you don’t wait any longer to discover the incredible treasures written by this outstanding author! I know I’m not.

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