Review: A Love So Dangerous

A Love So Dangerous
A Love So Dangerous by Lili Valente
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Love So Dangerous is a beautifully dark and exquisitely sinister plot to make you feel every excruciatingly real and mind-numbingly honest emotion hidden away in each page, word, and letter that oozes out of this book. Once it has latched itself onto your heart and then into your very soul, it will weave itself into every fiber of your being until you truly experience this story like you are walking it step by step. The words will be clearer, the feelings will be sharper, and the people will become more familiar that just another story to be read and put on your shelf to be admired. This is a story that will live within every part of you until you can’t fathom never having the opportunity to experience every facet of its overwhelming beauty and stunning complexity.

Caitlin is living life the best way she knows how. She fights for everything she is worth every day. What she fights for is for another day. Just one more day to see the sun rise, hear the birds sing, experience another 24 hours, and then close things off with a brilliant sunset. It’s these precious moments in life that she fights for the privilege to give to her family. She is too busy clawing and juggling to experience these seconds for herself. It’s not until the hurricane named Gabe Alexander that tilts her world does she dare to stop and cherish these precious gifts for herself. He is the key to unlocking Caitlin, and she doesn’t know whether to run screaming from him in crippling fear or to rocket through him in blinding relief. The only thing she is sure of from the second she collides with him is that her life will never ever be the same again.

My heart is still running circles around itself in order to catch up with the brilliantly obscene talent of this epic masterpiece. My mind rebels against its normal nature to break open every little facet of this monumental feat of a story for fear of not savoring and relishing every little tiny detail throughout its analysis. I am still in the shock and awe part of discovering a story that has indescribably shaken my world and twisted up my heart. I don’t want to let go of that stage yet, and I can’t thank this author enough for the incredible gift of sharing her immense talent with a world that will undoubtedly and greedily eat this new series up with joy and fervor. It goes without saying that the characters are absolutely extraordinary and the storyline is the stuff of dreams and legends.

Until today I have not read anything written by Lili Valente, but now I plan on correcting that oversight. If her other stories are anything as intense and twisted and perfect as this one, then I can’t wait to collect, read, savor, and enjoy as many of them as I can. She has without a doubt become one of my all-time favorite authors. When you come in contact with genius, you are forever changed as I have been by this magnificent creation.

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