Review: Bad Boys for Hire: Nick

Bad Boys for Hire: Nick
Bad Boys for Hire: Nick by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bad Boys for Hire: Nick is an exquisitely tender story that will challenge you on a very visceral level. You can’t run and hide from the onslaught of emotions and feelings that will overtake you like an unstoppable tidal wave. Instead you need to work through them both trying to understand and compensate for the pain and joy that they bring. The main goal is to not only find a promising balance but also to revel in discovering the hidden pleasure that is quietly waiting to be embraced and savored. I challenge you to walk this journey and not come out the other side with a new heart and an enlightened mind.

Carol had it all until one fateful day. She had the active, healthy life of a woman on the cusp of realizing all of her greatest dreams. Then, the darkness moved in and left her shrouded in bitter fog and unending pain. Now, she watches her greatest wishes take place only within the confines of her nightly dreams. Getting through the worst of her new reality, she has learned how to push through the day to day trials while putting others at ease. She is an expert at making you believe what you think you see, but she can’t escape who she sees in the mirror. Until one day, one man turned her world upside down. He not only awakened parts of her she thought long dead, but he also proves to be the challenge that no one else had dared to become for fear of upsetting her calm and fake reality. While Nick fumbles his way through his own wreck of a life, he somehow manages to help pull Carol see that change is not always a bad thing.

I always love stories that challenge my heart and make me seriously think about things, and this one is such a beautiful example of that type of story. These characters will test your every boundary as they navigate through their trials and happy times. You will love them at times and want to shake some sense into them at other times. However, through it all, you will them for who they are no matter what they say or do. It’s the truth of their heart and the honesty of their struggle that will speak the loudest and stay with you the longest. I loved each of these wonderful characters, and they helped to expand and enrich my heart and my life with their love and their hope.

My greatest hope is that I will always have the privilege and the opportunity to enjoy and experience a new and fresh story from this incredible author. She always speak to my heart in a way that never fails to touch me deeply and sincerely. I hope to remain receptive and soft hearted to the important and unforgettable messages that she sends our way.

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