Review: A Love so Deadly: A Dark Romance

A Love so Deadly: A Dark Romance
A Love so Deadly: A Dark Romance by Lili Valente
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Love so Deadly is a perfect storm that will destroy everything in its path short of the fiercely burning love and stubbornly shining hope that refuse to be extinguished. The out of control train wreck that ensues in the continuation of this epic story is nothing short of utter madness. Nowhere you turn is there a discernible trace of light. Instead you see patches of illusive rays that dance so far out of reach that the inevitable tears transform them into a hated mist. All logical thought and warm wishes are useless in the confines of the forever night that has descended. Survival is all that is left. Take another breath and hold onto the frayed edges of humanity for as long as you can grasp it.

Caitlin has had to rebuild her life so many times that she is missing pieces that will never be found. The hope and light she experienced from this summer has dimmed and faded until not even squinting will allow her to see it any longer. Only her family can keep her grounded and moving. As long as they hold her close, she won’t fear losing every part of herself. When the heavy fog rolls in and begins crushing the remaining silhouettes of her precious memories, she knows she can either fade into it and allow it to take the soul deep ache away, or she can look into the eyes of her family and anchor herself to their hearts. Caitlin must dig deep and decide if she can afford to follow her heart once again or give into the logic that others live and die by.

Falling deeper into this rabbit hole has left me completely slaughtered to rational thought and careless emotion. I find that being numb may allow me to survive long enough to see this story to its brutal end. My heart has fled in fear of being utterly and completely decimated. My empathy for other has left me in the worst place possible as my heart and soul lay shorn on the floor at my feet. Feel good moments don’t exist and yet somehow I haven’t lost all hope. Perhaps even in the darkest night there is solace along with pain.

Lili Valente has utterly and completely ruined me for other authors. Her wild intensity and crazy depth of emotions have captured me with no hesitation or regrets. I am wonderfully and fantastically lost to her world of dark light and hopeless love. There is nothing better than a story that surrounds and penetrates you so irrevocably that you know you will never be the same again.

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