Review: A Love So Deep

A Love So Deep
A Love So Deep by Lili Valente
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Love So Deep is the deadly and destructive culmination of the silent yet lethal war that has played out in excruciating detail. Game, set, match is where we find ourselves after each piece on this twisted chess game are in the precise place for optimal and maximum return. Be careful and meticulous in your strategizing because you could find yourself suddenly under the control of those whose intentions are unclear and have more power over you then you realize. The question remains as to who is ultimately pulling the strings and just how far they will go to keep this precarious game in play.

Caitlin begins to slowly but surely take back control of her life. She learns how to live and feel again despite the deep longing in her soul that trips her up from time to time. Above all, she will keep her family together and nothing will tear them apart. When fate offers her the only precious dream she has ever dared to speak into existence, she is exhilarated and terrified of the implications. She knows nothing good has ever to come to her without strings attached. These unknown strings could decimate not only her heart but everything she has worked so hard for. Will Caitlin find the courage and strength to finally take what she wants and hold onto it with a death grip, or will the game makers use their last surprise attack take her completely by surprise and prove that she was always out gunned, out smarted, and out classed the entire time?

The anticipation and expectation levels have been riding so high for this last book, and I can happily say that it delivered on its promises and so much more! I was literally swept off my feet while the breath was punched from my lungs as I quietly watched the missing pieces finally fall into place. Nothing was left unanswered and those answers blew my mind. My emotions were tossed all over the place as I watched this epic conclusion play out to perfection. I wouldn’t have had it turn out any other way. There is something so beautiful about a story whose hard edges and soft center play against each other so well that the combination is as effortless and graceful as breathing.

Lili Valente has stolen my heart, eviscerated it, and recreated it into something so breathtaking exquisite that I will be appreciating and savoring her story for a very long time to come. This is an author that you don’t want to walk past without taking a taste. Not indulging at least once in her extraordinary gift would be tantamount to blasphemy. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself the chance to partake in the indulgent and decadent pleasure that awaits within this series or any other book by this outstanding author.

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