Review: The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match

The Billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match
The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match by Diana Seere
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match is a wickedly fun and deviously stunning thrill ride that will leave you wanting so much more. This is a story that will take your heart on a wild adventure with no holds barred and leave you absolutely vulnerable. The wild delights and solemn truths will give you a feast to chew on and savor for a very long time. Once the mystery surrounds and penetrates your safe little world, you will long for it to consume and hold you captive. There is no half way; you are either taken whole or bale out long before it even start.

Gavin Stanton thought he had it all. Surrounding himself with wealth, power, and respect was all he ever wanted. Then, out of the blue, his dreams turn on him. They make his see what he really needs and the true object of his desire. He dismisses them as a silly fantasy that he is torturing himself with for an unknown reason, but when that reason walks into his life making her very existence and presence painfully known, he can no longer deny the storm that has been brewing in his heart. While she awakens him in ways he never thought possible, she also brings with her trouble that he isn’t even sure he is prepared to face. Can their newly blossomed love stand against a full blown perfect storm that will either destroy everything he holds dear, or bring perfect clarity and peace to his world?

Shifter stories always touch a very soft part of my heart, but this book and its new series is taking me over by gentle force. The storyline is brilliantly imaginative and highly seductive in its uniquely smart approach to this genre and its passionate depth of heart. This is a rare gift that paranormal fans will not want to miss. This is sure to add some style and soul to any ardent reader’s collection.

Diana Seere’s name will be on the lips of series readers who want to be challenged and pushed past their safe boundaries. Her fresh take and wonderful insights will stir the soul of anyone who picks up this new series. There is no doubt that we will see much more magic and beauty her from incredible talent, and I look forward to enjoying all of it.

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