Review: SLAM HER

SLAM HER by Jaxson Kidman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Slam Her is a shockingly stunning and overwhelmingly heartfelt story of life-changing redemption and unexpected hope. This story will grab you by the throat and refuse to loosen its tight, unforgiving grip on your heart. You will find yourself in a harsh world that may not be sweet and tender but it is still honest and true nonetheless. Watching the fantastic twists and turns throughout this book made my heart soar and gave me hope for our beautifully, broken characters. This story will demand every emotion from your very soul while giving you a breathtaking glimpse of love and hope that you never would have anticipated.

Slam has been reduced to a single minded focus for one special goal. The only thing he can eat, breathe, or dream about is getting his revenge for being put in jail. The sweetest part of that plan is that he will enjoy every single dirty second of it because it involves a woman who he believes will be at his mercy. However, to his greatest shock or perhaps his greatest pleasure, he finds that this woman named Belle may not be who he thinks she is. While she may look like just any helpless, innocent prey, there is so much more to her then Slam could ever have imagined. Can two strong-willed, desperate individuals find peace and home with each other, or will they complete the self-destruction of the other that started so very long ago?

Slam and Belle captured my imagination and my heart throughout their incredible journey together. They made me stop and think about long held ideals and judgments. Questioning things in my life is not new, but the heart behind this story shredded any defenses I had built. When hope opens the door for love to grow, it is a wonderful chance to prove that even the unconventional can be worth everything. After all, how can other people truly now what will bring you the most happiness and make life worth living?

Jaxson Kidman is an extremely talented author who knows how to get under your skin and drag the truth out of you kicking and screaming if necessary. He doesn’t cut any slack as he explores and navigates this world where power is help and wielded with the written word. I know that his writing will take this genre by storm. HIs pure, brutal, and raw approach will appeal to so many people who want to feel something without any pretense. This is one author that you will want to keep an eye on.

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