Review: Going Haywire

Going Haywire
Going Haywire by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going Haywire is a wickedly fun and hauntingly heartfelt journey of giving love a second chance. This beautiful romance is set against the ghoulishly scary holiday of Halloween. If you were ever to think of romance, it doesn’t usually go hand in hand with such a chill inducing event, but this strange stage set things up in a rather unconventional yet meaningful way. We find that our characters are fighting their own demons while real ones are bumping into them and chasing them any chance they get. Fall is such a breathtaking season all of its own that shows us the beauty that is lost amid most of the year. Vulnerability can terrify, but it can also lead to healing in the most deliciously sweet way.

Honey is invited to join her ex-husband Max to celebrate Halloween in his childhood town of Sapphire Falls. Her intention is to take her kids Mattie and Sara to Sapphire Falls to allow them the time with their dad, their grandparents, and their aunts and uncles. She is fully aware that nothing will change between her and Max just as it hasn’t for years now. However, her best of intentions are thrown to the cold wind along with the howls and screams from the creatures of the night. Max has ulterior motives, but he isn’t sure if his luck will hold. Sapphire Falls is said to hold magic when it comes to getting couples to fall in love, but can magic be enough when the heart of one is focused on things that are nowhere near as important as love?

Honey is a stubborn, loveable, and lonely woman who just longs to be loved well and thoroughly. Max wants his Honey back at all costs, but isn’t sure how to go about getting her back. With crazy missteps and hilarious hiccups, we see these two slowly peeling back the heavy defenses that have been in place for so long. Their journey is one that neither will ever forget, and this is one vacation that will be imprinted on their hearts for as long as time exists.

Rachelle Ayala has given us a fun and unforgettable treasure in this beautiful second chance at a remarkably stunning love. It is truly a shame when we allow love to slip past our fingers and be wrenched from our grasp due to everyday things in life. While it is usually never a purposely change, it is sometimes one that is very hard to come back from. Above all else, we must cherish and nurture the love that we have granted by another. Never take it for granted and never assume that it will always take the leftovers of your time and attention. Listen, feel, and, seek to keep it blazing hot, undeniably contagious, and absolutely unwavering.

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