Review: Depths of Salvation

Depths of Salvation
Depths of Salvation by Molly E. Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Depths of Salvation is truly an extraordinary masterpiece that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone is a priceless treasure that is worth any sacrifice or price to pay. There is beauty in every person that walks this Earth if we will only choose to take the time necessary to plunge into the depths of their heart to discover it. No one is an island unto themselves no matter how convincing they might be. Above all, we crave companionship, understanding, hope, and love. Without these precious gifts, life becomes dull and begins to rust from not being used to its fullest potential as it was meant to be. If you put in the time and effort needed, you will unearth something that you have only dared to imagine in your most private of dreams. You will be given everything and anything that your heart and soul craves in order to become the person that you were born to be.

Sadie has found a prize that she refuses to lose. An incredible treasure trove in the depths of the beautiful ocean she calls home beacons her to not give up as she searches for the means to its survival. However, her experience and passion alone may not be enough to ensure that the precious life and potential contribution it not destroy callously. When she is granted a small glimmer of grace through the help of an experienced diver and underwater welder named Connell, Sadie is thrilled for the help, but remains cautious of his motivations. Will Sadie see her deepest desire come to life, or will she be forced to watch a piece of her heart shatter and die by the hands of cold, uncaring people?

I was utterly fascinated and completed enthralled by Sadie and Connell. While Sadie pulled me in right away with her unwavering passion, it was Connell’s deep sense of pain and haunting beauty that hooked me. These two worked so well together, and they complimented the other perfectly. It was almost crazy, scary how they seemed to recognize their other half in each other. It was an unconscious reaction, and yet it was completely effortless. They left me breathless and so full of hope. I honestly didn’t want to let them go. They came to mean so very much to me.

Molly E. Lee is a wickedly talented author who pushes the envelope and refuses to settle for ordinary. She will peel back the layers of your heart and push your every boundary. You will find yourself deliciously stretched and loving the wondrous results. She is an epic literary master that you will not want to miss out on. Without experiencing her unbelievable fierce and heartfelt stories, you will never know how such an elite author can touch and impact every part of your heart.

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