Review: Wrong

Wrong by Stella Rhys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wrong is a tremendously fantastic and extraordinarily breathtaking journey that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that love is always possible. While the path to love is always one of the hardest and most grueling of your life, it is also the most rewarding and fulfilling. You can never truly find another goal in life aside from perhaps parenthood where you have to give everything you are in order to prove that you really want it and are worthy of it. Even though love is freely given, it is not given without heart or expectations of being returned in the same reverent and adoring manner. This is why when you find real and true love, you are encouraged to hold on and never let go. Love is worth the pain, the heartache, and the patience that must be invested if you plan on experiencing the most phenomenal return you will ever see in this life.

Sasha has built her life on the rubble of her past. There is nothing steady about her foundation, but she has the complete devotion of her best friend Aria and her step brother Liam. Both would do anything to help or make her smile at the end of the day. She counts herself lucky and blessed with only one thing truly missing from her life. Liam has walked alongside Sasha since he became part of her family. He watched every struggle and battle she had to endure, and he did whatever he could to help make things easier on her. He has always been her rock, and he wouldn’t change that for anything. When a moment changes the dynamic of their relationship and her her past comes raging back with the force of a hurricane, will these two crumble under its weight, or will they find a way to thrive and come out stronger than ever?

Sasha (whose name I absolutely LOVE) and Liam took my heart by storm. It was a no holds barred take-over of all of my emotions, and I gave in so completely. When I saw what these two precious individuals had to endure over the years, it was no wonder there was such a deep and emotional connection between them. The beautiful surprise they both discover makes their story that much sweeter and wonderful. It’s such a shame that they have to fight so furiously for what is obviously a thing of beauty and should be encouraged by those around them to flourish. However, their blood, sweat, and tears made their dream a magnificent goal that would make everything they endured pale by comparison.

Stella Ryhs is an author that you will find to be of the highest quality of pure literary talent. She doesn’t simply pull the emotions from you, she wrings them out of you in a demanding fashion that leaves you in desperation for more. Her beautiful prose is like listening to the soothing and yet at times harshly combined sound of nature. They touch your soul in a way that coaxes you to face issues that you would much rather leave alone in an environment of relative safety and total vulnerability. No corners are cut and yet there is a total sense of completion when the journey comes to its end. She is an exquisite storyteller of elite caliber.

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