Review: Going Toe to Mistletoe

Going Toe to Mistletoe
Going Toe to Mistletoe by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going Toe to Mistletoe is a delightfully fun and wonderfully captivating story of finding love when you least expect it with a person you never saw coming. This is one story that will grab your heart from the very first word and prove how you don’t need to see love coming and prepare for it in order to be able to accept every part of it without hesitation or reservation. When your heart screams at you to not only see but recognize what is being freely offered, you have to decide to hold onto it for dear life or leave it behind with no regrets. Through the eyes of love, no one is ever too damaged or too far gone. Everyone is worthy of being loved and knowing how it feels to truly love another.

Candi has watched her life disintegrate before her eyes. Her boyfriend has stolen her dreams from right underneath her nose and let her with nothing. When she is invited to her sister’s wedding in Sapphire Falls, she sees it as a perfect chance to take a much needed break and clear her head. What she didn’t count on was Troy and how he affected every part of her. He makes her feel, think, and experience things she never thought possible and doesn’t understand. Troy has never met anyone like Candi, and she turns his entire world upside down. Will Troy find what he has always been looking for, or will Candi slip through his fingers like a beautifully delicate snowflake?

Candi and Troy held my heart in their hands during their entire journey. I was on pins and needles while watching them search and explore their own hearts to try and figure out what they wanted and who they were each step of the way. They are some of the most fun and fantastic characters I have read since Christmas Flirt by Rachelle Ayala. They will melt any cold heart and show you what it really means to have another person invade every part of your life with relish and passion.

Rachelle Ayala has once again shown us how she understands how to make her readers feel and revel in a story that stokes their creativity and heightens their passion. It’s amazing how her literary talent continues to grow and deepen in its beauty and exquisiteness. She is one author that I will always look forward to reading and basking in her incredible creativity.

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