Review: Beneath These Shadows

Beneath These Shadows
Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you think of a wickedly engaging and a thrilling edge-of-your-seat plot, I immediately think of the Beneath This series by Meghan March. If someone is looking for a book that offers characters that have an incredible depth and intoxicating complexity to them, one of my suggestions is always a book by the brilliant Meghan March. If I chat up another reader who wants something exquisitely original yet unashamedly overflowing with more heart than one person can ever contain, I eagerly point them in the direction of the epically talented Meghan March. I know you see a pattern emerging here, and I will never apologize for that. Once you read Beneath These Shadows you will without a doubt understand why March is to my go to author no matter what mood I am in.

There is no other author that can come close to matching her in heart, intensity, originality, and creativity. She stirs more emotion in me then I know what to do with. It never fails that I am left with a heart that is completely inundated with pure hope and unabashed love while mingled with a healthy dose of reality to keep my feet on the ground. My mind can never truly present to her a matched gift of words and praise that will ever come close to telling her how much her stunning heart means to me. I would consider her one of a very dear friend if it were possible because of the way that her words never fail to touch me so deeply and meaningfully. When all else fails, I always find encouragement and strength from immersing myself in her world of delicious storylines and compelling characters that always create the most intriguing and heart-changing stories I have ever read.

Beneath These Shadows is a fantastically exquisite and astonishingly heart-stopping journey that proves yet again that the epic talent of Meghan March has no bounds. She will wisk you away into her world of danger and secrets where shadows whisper at every turn and people are never truly who they seem to be. No matter what you do, don’t pass up the chance at savoring the experience of a Meghan March masterpiece. You will always be missing something very important because afterwards you will never be the same again. If you pride yourself on being a reader of refined and eclectic taste, then you had better pick up one of these simply dazzling works of art. Only then can you claim a measure of completion and sophistication.

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