Review: Lovely

Lovely by Elizabeth SaFleur
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lovely is a beautifully overpowering and breathtakingly phenomenal gift of gentle exploration, extraordinary discovery, and unfettered freedom. This is a story that will delve deeply into your heart and soul, splay you completely open, and emphasize the utter masterpiece that you are. Many things and people in our life forge and mold us into the person that we become for better or for worse, and when we can find someone who can remove the blindfold from our eyes and showcase to us the beauty that is hidden just beneath the surface, we desperately need to hold them close. These are true angels in human form that only want to bring the best of our qualities to the surface for everyone to admire and appreciate. Knowing our own worth gives us the courage and the strength to rise above any turbulent past and allows us to walk with confidence and assurance into the future with the knowledge that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. It unlocks unlimited hope and pure power into not only us but the world around us.

Jonathan Brond has a plan that he is unfolding one day at a time. He has a family reputation to restore while trying to eke out an existence he can enjoy and take some pleasure in. Running for office in Washington can either be a heady rush or a crushing challenge. Jonathan takes it all in stride because it doesn’t touch his heart or stir his interest. He is just walking through the motions of a carefully constructed life whenever he is presented with the most exquisite dare that he has ever allowed himself to indulge in. Just when he feels like the walking dead in a city filled with cutthroats and snakes, Christiana Snow is a breath of fresh air to him. She is honest, true, and oh so pure. Will his sense of duty steer him to make the hard but right decision to keep in line with his 10 year plan, or will his heart overpower his long held sensibility and leave him questioning everything he ever held dear?

My heart and mind were thrown into a wondrous whirlwind of extraordinary characters and a fantastic storyline. I lost myself in a world of sensual give and take, deadly secrets and lies, and unexpected surprises and sensations. I never wanted to leave this wonderfully entertaining and utterly captivating journey that I found myself walking. While I tripped from time to time, I found that falling into the tender arms of such a nurturing and loving experience left me feeling more empowered then I have ever felt. The vulnerability I felt was turned on its head to make me feel comforted and loved in spite of its intensity and indulgence.

Elizabeth SeFleur has completely blown my mind and opened my heart to so many new ideas, feelings, and emotions. She wields her impressive literary prowess with careful articulation and measured control. She knows how to present unlikely possibilities and lovely fantasies as a potential gift that is just one quiet word, one purposeful step, and one powerful touch away. Love is so much more than just a four letter word, and SeFleur will show you its full potential and irresistible allure with her every word that sinks, weaves, and binds itself to every part of who you are.

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