Review: Bossy

Bossy by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bossy is a brilliantly stunning hurricane that will consume your mind and overwhelm every part of your heart. You will be left with massively intense emotions and beautifully epic feelings that you don’t know exactly how to process, but you welcome all the same. If you never thought a short story could ever effect you, then you have never read anything written by J.L. Beck. She will take her senses by storm and never stop her exquisite barrage until you have lost your footing and are left completely at her mercy.

Sadie is determined not to fall for her boss like every other woman in her office. She is better than that, and she deserves so much more. She wants respect above all else, and she will fight tooth and nail to get it. Cameron has kept his eye on Sadie since she started working for him. Something unseen draws him to her at every turn, and he is powerless to stop it. Will the push and pull between these two lead to an ugly demise, or will an unseen yet hoped for future win out in the end?

I never expected anyone like Sadie to be matched up the ultra-alpha male of Cameron, but she was his perfect match. She never took anything from him that she couldn’t meet with the same level of sass an honesty. I was completely floored at how perfect these two are! It’s completely incredible and truly blissful to watch their journey take place. I couldn’t have loved their story anymore.
J.L. Beck has accomplished a magnificent goal of making me feel, love, and fall apart along with her wonderful characters. She is an incredible author whose talent needs to be shared, savored, and appreciated by all readers who want the ultimate experience from the small pleasures in life. She is not one to be missed, so if you haven’t read any of her books, I implore you to pick up one of her brilliant works of art right now.

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