Review: For the Love of English

For the Love of English
For the Love of English by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For the Love of English is an extraordinarily exquisite story that will literally bring you to your knees. The intense love and devotion to family is a powerful presence that will overtake and consume you from beginning to end. There is nothing left to chance as you are overwhelmed and swept into a world where children are a huge blessing that light up your life and family is what makes life sweet and spicy. Each character you meet only reinforces the utter rightness and true magnificence of family. Family is not a dirty word smudged with inconvenience, but it’s what gives life its vitality and meaning.

Sheridan is a fresh new teacher who just wants to start out her teaching career making a positive impact on her kids and proving that she is the good teacher she knows she can be if given a chance. Falling in love with her kids wasn’t in her plan, but it makes her work more of a pleasure then a pain. She is getting along with her boss and the other teachers, but its one particular parent that is becoming a painful source of annoyance and discomfort. Trying to control her temper around him doesn’t last as he pulls every strong emotion directly from her heart. Beckley is the father of her favorite student named English, and she soon finds out that there is a very real and very painful reason for his brash and ride behavior. Will Sheridan’s helpful nature put her in the middle of an impossible situation, or will it send her into a head on collision with a future that would never have had the imagination to begin to dream about?

I was left in awe at the breathless yet shocking journey that Sheridan and Beckely finds themselves entangled within. Beckley would have never have chosen Sheridan to join him on this brutal path, but before he realizes it, he understand that she is his perfect confidant, friend, and helpmate. He couldn’t have wished for anyone as brilliant, kind, and fierce as his daughter’s new teacher. He may be rough and rude at times, but Sheridan was made to iron out his rough edges and refine his otherwise sharp personality. Sheridan falls in love so completely with Beckley, his daughter, and his parents until she can’t picture herself anywhere else with anyone else.

A.M. Hargrove is a wonderfully brilliant author who knows how to touch your heart in a truly unforgettable way. You will walk away with a changed heart, renewed thinking, and a fresh way to view the world around us. My first foray into her writing has proven that she is an author you don’t want to miss out on! Her brutal honesty, incredible creativity, and unadulterated hope will light up a whole new world before your eyes.

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