Review: The Way

The Way
The Way by Guy S. Stanton III
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picture The Way as an overabundant and never-ending well of encouragement, hope, and love whenever you find your own well running dry. The vivid imagery will pull you in and the pure emotions will capture your heart without fail. The brilliant paring of these two essential elements have proven to won my heart and mind over with ease. This is a perfect way to be introduced to such an honest, beguiling, and refreshing author.

Surrounded in a world of mythological creatures of both beauty and horror, Tarik finds himself on a journey of complete surrender and utter magnificence. What he will encounter and come to face, he could never live long enough to even begin to imagine or dare to dream about. Only through the faith passed down from his parents is he able to grasp even a sliver of understanding, but it is only by his unfailing devotion to God that he experiences the most incredible and indescribable events and miracles that few will ever be able to see or live through. He becomes a highly blessed and greatly favored man of God who is used to turn his world upside down and in doing so brings peace, hope, and love back to his once dying world.

This epic adventure is truly something to savor and cherish. It will split your heart wide open as it slowly but surely fills you with everything you didn’t know you were missing. The characters are incredibly fascinating, and the storyline is wonderfully addictive. This story helped to lift my spirits at a time when I am walking through a difficult time in my life. It was honestly a ray of sunshine and deep contemplation that I really needed above all else.

Guy Stanton continues to amaze and surprise at the growth that his writing has undergone since I last read one of is amazing books. There is much more depth and breathe that has been added to his talent. A focused concentration and yet a boundless vision that has no limits or hindrances has transformed his gift into something that can easily be seen as inspired, epic, and just beginning.

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