Review: Incredible You

Incredible You
Incredible You by Lili Valente
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredible You is a truly heart-stoppingly spectacular and beautifully passionate gift that will crack open even the hardest of hearts to the possibility of love in any form. This story worked on my heart in a gentle yet persistent way that left me bleeding and yet healing at the same time. I realized that love doesn’t have a definition that we can publish or testify to. We can’t pin the depth and honesty of love on a timeframe. It moves and develops in its own way and time. All we can do is hold on and open ourselves to every part of it. This is a dangerous, high speed adventure that you can’t take part in half-heartedly. You are either in all the way, or you will find yourself left stranded on the side of the road.

Shane has faced and embraced the tragedies that life has thrown her way over the years. She is still trying to figure out how to deal with it all when life throws her yet another unexpected curve. Her friends convince her to step out of her comfort zone in order to help out a good guy out of a bad situation. She agrees without knowing who the guy is or the exact details of his situation, so when she meets Jake and learns of the mess he is trying to clean up, she doesn’t know whether to run away or hold him close. In the name of taking back her life, she agrees to help Jake only after outlining her conditions and expectations. Jake never expected the breathtaking beauty that is Shane, and he definitely didn’t anticipate that putting his plan into motion would be so much more then something that was merely faked. Can Shane put aside her personal issues and help Jake find an agreeable and effective solution to his issue, or will her personal insecurities and her surprisingly real feelings for him sabotage everything?

I found myself drawing parallels to myself and Shane. It felt like we shared enough pain and experiences that I was able to completely understand her unconventional reactions to Jake. Her frustrations and desires were mirrored in my own heart as I watched her navigate this new journey with Jake. She is such a brilliant and real and wonderful character that I can’t possibly love any more than I do. Jake stole every part of my heart when we opened his entire heart to Shane without realizing it. He was so tender and gentle with her that he made me cry a few times. His life wasn’t easy either, so he was able to identify with Shane and help her deal with her past pain. His main goal was helping her to see how much she had to live for, and he was adding himself to that list from the very beginning. While I love alpha males with a heart of gold, Jake has eclipsed any that I have about this far. I think I fell in love with him just as hard as Shane if I am being honest. Together, these two amazing people created such an exquisite couple. The intensity of their love and devotion for the other completely blew me away. I honestly couldn’t get enough of them. Their story is truly one of unconditional love, unfailing acceptance, and brilliant hope. I wish we all learned to lower our filter like Shane in order to let people around us know how we truly feel about them before it’s too late.

This book brought me to my knees, and I have only found very few authors that can do this to me which include Lili Valente. Her extraordinary gift is to take my heart in her hands, tease it to open up, bare all of the ugliness and then show me how to make it beautiful. Her words wring out every emotion from laughing hysterically to quietly sobbing. This story is an unspeakably brilliant masterpiece that I highly recommend to every reader who enjoys experiencing a remarkably passionate and very human journey of humility and grace.

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