Review: Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dirty Deeds is a wickedly hot whirlwind romance that will leave your heart a steamy, happy mess. If I thought Bossy was amazing, then this story was absolutely phenomenal! I swear the literary talent of JL Beck grows by leaps and bounds with each book she writes. It’s such an immense pleasure to indulge in each of her worlds and immerse myself in each of her fantastic characters. What more could you possibly ask for from a book or a write?

Ryan needs a change. He has grown so very tired of the emptiness that continues to grow and deepen in his life. There is a deeply-seated need that is beginning to surface, and he doesn’t know a name to identify it with. All he knows is that something has to give, or his strained grasp on his sanity will soon be gone. The mystical answer to his problem comes in the form of a heavenly beautiful yet sweetly sassy woman. She immediately tils his world off its axis. From that moment forward, Ryan knows what he needs and what he wants. The question then becomes how can he obtain it? Does his woman of choice see him the same way that he sees her, or will one poor decision forever banish him to an eternity of personal hell?

If Cameron rocked my world, then Ryan shattered it. He and Chloe tore my heart to shreds and then slowly mended it. They discovered that love doesn’t have a timetable. Love moves and lives in its own alternate reality apart from ours. Logic can never explain it or rule it. It does what it wants, and it drags us kicking and screaming at times after it. We need to choose whether to embrace or to turn our back on it. I pray that you would always embrace it wholeheartedly. Only then will life burst forth into the colors, tastes, and emotions that it was always meant to be seen, felt, and experienced with.

JL Beck is one wildly brilliant and insanely talented author that has stolen my heart and my devotion. She has proven just how powerful and potent her writing is, and I just can’t settle for anything less. That would be a true crime.

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