Review: Savior

Savior by Nicole Blanchard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Savior is a beautifully passionate and undeniably gut-wrenching story of unrelenting hope and brazen love beyond crushing despair and devastating pain. This is story that will shake you out of your calm, peaceful, boring life and plunge you into the twisted madness of a tale that for all that goes wrong desperately clings to the need for light amidst the never-ending, heavy darkness. While you feel the fear, the horror, and the evil closing in, you also experience the fierceness of the length and breathe that the goodness of this world will fight to break through to warm, strengthen, and encourage you every step of the way. Whatever terrible battle you find yourself facing each day, please don’t forget that there is good all-around you just waiting for you to take hold of it and draw into you. The small good things in this world are never more appreciated or needed then when we are surrounded and oppressed by the evil that lies in wait for its next victim.

Logan has dedicated his life to a cause that has sucked him dry. He has given and given until all that is left is shell of the man he once was. The love he thought he found turned out to be brittle and wracked with weaknesses. Left floating through a life he was once sure of, his only anchor is found in his aunt and grandmother. Looking after them and the people in his town is all the purpose he has left. Just as he is getting used to his comfortably useless existence, fate throws Piper into his path. She leaves him unsettled and stirs emotions in him that he doesn’t want to feel or understand. How can one woman turn his world upside down and yet make him want to keep coming back for more? Can he unravel her secrets before she is lost to a past whose horror rivals his own, or will he lose her before he realizes just how important she has become to him?

Always the quiet, recluse of the close knit group of friends in this series, Logan’s story always had me curious. With a quiet soul usually comes deep scars and great pain, and to think that he literally found his match in every way in the form of Piper made me beyond ecstatic for him. Then, I learned about Piper and her devastating lose, and I was beyond thrilled to realize that Logan would end up being her shining light even when he saw himself as the complete opposite in his own eyes. The brooding loner and the broken beauty became the Savior that the other desperately needed and deeply longed for. There couldn’t have been a more perfect story for these two incredible characters!

What I wouldn’t give to have even a tiny fraction of the monumental talent that lives and grows within the very heart of Nicole Blanchard. Her words forever seer themselves into my soul, and her characters delved underneath my skin to prove that no matter what battles we have to face, they are worth every drop of our blood, sweat, and tears because they make us into who we were always mean to be. They lead us to the patch that we are mean to walk, and they push us into the crosshairs of the people that are meant to fill our lives and touch out heart. Instead of morning our lot in life, we should be always grateful for the blessings that we have no matter how small or how big they might be. The struggles of others fuel our own courage, strength, and hope to step forward into another day.

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