Review: The Chosen Knights

The Chosen Knights
The Chosen Knights by Mary Ting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Chosen Knights is absolutely captivating and incredibly breathtaking in its thrilling ability to sweep you off your feet and transport you into a world completely unlike anything you can ever imagine. I can’t express the enthralling anticipation that I have when diving into the next masterpiece by this fantastic author! This new world and its characters will bind your heart and mind to their wonderful storyline and remarkable heart and soul. You won’t be able to walk away without leaving a piece of you with them. Be prepared to explore and experience new and extraordinary epic level adventures with the one of the world’s most talented authors.

Lucia has a mission. It’s the biggest and most important one of her life so far. She has spent her whole like for this one moment, and she has no intention of failing. No matter how good our intentions are, life never fails at throwing surprises our way. The biggest surprise is Eli. She never saw him coming, and never could have imagined his impact on her heart and her life. Eli didn’t want to feel. In fact, he would have been happy to shut the whole world out, but his closest friends refuse to allow him to close down and die. What started out as a simple mission becomes something much more complex than anyone ever imagined, and there is more on the line then anyone could have predicted. Can the weakness of one be the strength of another, or will one bad decision bring everything they hold dear to its knees?

I walked into this new series with an open mind and a willing heart, and I was brought to the lowest of lows and then taken to the highest of heights. I was gifted a phenomenal opportunity to savor and indulge in the wildest and most terrific of fantasies. Not only will this story tantalize and entertain, its characters will make you feel and intrigue your mind like nothing else. Everyone will find something to love and cherish. This is s series that will enthrall your heart and steal the very breath from your lungs.

Mary Ting is not only one of my all-time favorite authors, but she is a magnificent author who doesn’t need my praise or accolades to showcase or prove her wondrous gift and abilities. She is a master storyteller who will overtake hearts and minds while we fall willingly and happily under her blessedly hypnotic spell. Her heart will bring you in, and her beautifully, soulful words will deal your devotion to the well of hope and love that spring from the very depths of her being.

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