Review: The Auction

The Auction
The Auction by Starla Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Auction is a wonderfully thought-provoking and incredibly breathtaking story of finding an incomprehensible yet irresistible love and learning how to accept and cherish it. This is the type of story that lingers with you long after it’s last words have past your lips. Your heart can’t help but hold onto the beauty and the possibility that it stirs within every part of your soul. No one is ever who they seem to be, and yet figuring out who they really are is truly half the enjoyment of the mysterious and exciting journey called love. Whatever you do, allow yourself to dig a little deeper, extend a tiny bit more patience, and view them through a little longer through the eyes of grace because you never know what you will find.

Lia has her life all mapped out. She know what she wants, and she has worked very hard to get to where she is. She lives a simple yet satisfying life, and she doesn’t need anything to complicate it. When she finds herself inadvertently entangled with a man she both abhors and is intrigued by in order to keep her beloved Theater running, she isn’t prepared for what happens in the least. Can Travis show her that there is so much more to him then what he shows everyone else, or will Lia find herself running in fear of her losing her heart and so much more?

I was completely blown away by the pleasantly smart and original storyline. It held me in awe as I watched the amazing characters grow and discover that there is more to life then what they have allowed themselves to think and feel so far. Love doesn’t make one weak. In fact, it makes us stronger since we have another to share the hardships and joys of life. It is living life to its fullest, growing and opening ourselves to become who we were always mean to be, and allowing our happiness to spread to those around us who need that extra nudge of courage. This is a fantastic debut, and I can’t wait to read more this outstanding author!

Starla Harris has taken my heart by storm and enthralled all of my senses with her marvelous story! I have found a new favorite author. I implore you to check into this new author and see what she has to offer. You may find yourself as entranced as I am by her incredible talent and huge potential.

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