Coming Soon: Their Virgin by J.L. Beck

#TheirVirgin #JLBeck #ComingSoon #MFM #ArmstrongTwins #TwoBrothersIsBetterThanOne :O

“Do you want my eight inch c*ck buried deep inside that virginal p*ssy of yours?” I had to know. I had to hear her say the word out loud.
“Why don’t you check for yourself.” The words slipped from her lips right before she kissed me, taking my hand and shoving it between her legs so I could feel for myself just how ready for me she was.
My body was already on fire, my c*ck begging for something to sink into, and she wanted to do something as risky as play with fire? I smiled against her lips, and slipped a finger deep inside her hole. She was tight, so fucking tight. It almost brought me to my knees how perfect she was.

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