Review: Downed

Downed by Jen Frederick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Downed is a truly extraordinary piece of literary brilliance that exceeds the weight and classification of a mere genre limiting category. This treasure was created with so much more than just a simple romance in mind. It easily transcends and obliterates the complex social structures and personal expectations of our day and age. The multiple themes that beautifully weave their way through this brilliant work of art will make you think and rethink every concept we have of each other. Can you honestly experience a story that obliterates both personal and societal traditions and walk away unchanged? This book is a game changer, and it is an honest to goodness blessing in disguise.

Ace Anderson has made a drastic yet much needed change in his life. While trying to run from his biggest disappointment, he finds that he is actually running towards something even better than his wildest dreams. While encountering a very rocky start, he eventually learns what it truly means to be part of a team. However, what he finally discovers is something much deeper and more meaningful then he can even comprehend. Bryant Johnson lives her life the only way she knows how. She is a fixer, and she finds great fulfillment in it. However, her latest project ends up turning the tables on her. Can both of these hauntingly beautiful individuals find their own peace and fulfillment, or will their forced efforts be all in vain while they watch Fate play the cruelest of jokes on them?

My heart nearly jumped from my chest when I realized that I would be reading Ace’s story. I didn’t expect that in the least, and I was beyond thrilled. I could see so much potential in him in Jock Blocked, and I longed for him to grab hold of it and move forward. He needed a catalyst that would push him and never give up, and that ended up being Bryant. I loved Bryant from the very beginning, and she really taught me so much about my own insecurities alongside her own journey. These two were like magnets that both repelled and attracted each other in equally intense and beautiful ways. Their story is one of heartbreak and new beginnings. They own the term of being a phoenix in every aspect of the expression and the symbolism. What a breathtaking couple!

Jen Frederick has outdone herself with this latest masterpiece, and I reveled in every word and emotion that poured from these precious pages. This is a powerful story that is sure to touch the hearts of many, and its effect will reverberate for a very long time to come. The true potential of a story can never truly be known, but its power can be felt. There is a beguiling and sweet power that emanates from the heart that birthed life into this book, and its impact will be strong and true.

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