Review: The Blessed Knights

The Blessed Knights
The Blessed Knights by Mary Ting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blessed Knights is without a doubt a powerful and breathtaking continuation of this incredibly epic series! If you weren’t sure that this series would live up to its passionate intensity and emotional depth, then you are about to be blown away. Nothing in this story is done in half measures. When you dive deep into this wondrous adventure, you are immersed in every single human emotion and enveloped by things you will never be able to explain. The horror and beauty you find will both thrill and terrify you. Be ready for anything because what lies within these pages is something truly beyond words and human emotions. It’s everything and anything that has always and will always be.

Lucia has lost the rigid control of her heart and while that terrifies her it also exposes her to the most exquisite love and hope imaginable. No one can possibly predict the next part of her journey, but if nothing else goes as planned, the treasures that she has gently sand securely storied within her soul will remain as beautiful living memories of something too magnificent to put into words. With the determination of her friends and family, they walk farther down the dark and twisted path they have been sent on. Knowing who to trust is essential to life and success which is why their foundation is still a bit shaky. When unspeakable events speed up their timeline will they be able to what is required, or will they break under the increased pressure?

I was left shocked, riveted, and enthralled by how extraordinary this series truly is. I never expected to feel and experience so much. My heart feels full to overflowing everytime I open it to this tremendously fantastic characters. They completely wreck me and yet give me a hope that I didn’t have before. I honestly haven’t been this moved since Cameo Renae’s Hidden Wings series. This is a very special story that needs to be cherished and savored by readers who want more than just the status quo. This is truly a paradise for dreamers.

Whatever you do, do not miss out on the epic level writing of Mary Ting. Behind her beautiful face is a mind of a masterful visionary who knows how to create breathtaking worlds that blind you with its radiance and beauty while its marvelous characters challenge and entice you to the edge of possibility and then push you over while holding your hand the entire way. This is truly paranormal fantasy in its finest.

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