Review: Grunt: A Marine Romance

Grunt: A Marine Romance
Grunt: A Marine Romance by Alana Albertson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grunt is a beautifully passionate and gloriously stunning journey of a heartbreakingly difficult and yet utterly worthwhile second chance at love. This is a story that will break you in order to heal your deeply ingrained wounds. What you find throughout this story is a chance to find out who you are apart from the definition of those around you. Living a life of someone else’s hopes and dreams will never bring lasting joy or fulfillment, but there is no other way to understand that then to walk that difficult path until your heart can no longer stand it. When your dreams and your happiness meet is when you finally find true contentment and complete well-being.

Bret has a single-minded focus in the next few months. He is in the get in, get it done, and then get out type. Give him a goal and the means to accomplish it, and he’s the happiest guy on the planet. However, someone didn’t pass that message along to those in charge of his latest mission. Instead of things being cut and dry, Bret finds himself mired in a web of tangled lies, fruitless tasks, and past regrets. Can he someone figure out how to work with the woman who single-handedly shattered his heart while trying to fulfill the only promise worth keeping?

I was completely captivated by Bret and Selena. They shared a tightly intertwined past that neither can deny nor can they afford to repair. Bret’s intention is to fulfill a promise he made to a fallen friend and not to look at his ex any more then he possibly has to. He knows what will happen, and yet there is something more powerful working tirelessly to bring these two hurting heart together at every turn. Is fate really trying to be a huge drag, or is there something left that these two need to resolve before they can truly call things dead between them? I loved watching how things played out between them and those they worked with. This was an incredible journey that set my heart ablaze and kindled a hope within my own soul.

Alana Albertson is a truly magnificent artist whose masterpieces never cease to rock my world and make me question everything I have ever taken for granted. This story will open your eyes to so much more then you ever imagined, and you will find yourself wondering how you could have missed it all this time. She makes you feel, experience, and savor every word and emotion as if you have never faced it before. There is a freshness and an originality in the characters and the plot that will have you absolutely enthralled and leave you wanting so much more.

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