Review: A Wedding for Christmas

A Wedding for Christmas
A Wedding for Christmas by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Wedding for Christmas is a truly magnificent gift wrapped in a miracle and sealed with a beautiful promise. No many stories can pull such deep and intense emotions from me, but this one had me laughing, hoping, crying, and singing by the end. There is nothing simple about this exquisite journey for it is a hard won victory that took everything to fight and win. When a story can weave its way in your heart and life like this one can and change you before the end, then you know just how powerful, precious, and inspired it truly is. What you have in your hands is a book worth giving your heart to.

Kelly, Tyler, and Bree have come such a long way from two years ago. They have found each other, opened their lives and hearts to each other, and worked through some very tough issues together. Their road has not been easy or always fun, but it has been deeply meaningful and a remarkable life changing one that they will never forget. As they move forward in finally tying the three unbreakable chords around this small but beautiful family, they are met with even more challenges and a few that neither ever anticipated. Can this hearty family fight through the coming obstacles to reach the pinnacle of the blessings that have always been in store for them, or will they crack and break under the added strain and stress?

My heart will always keep a piece of Tyler, Kelly, and Bree with me. They have grown in leaps and bounds since we first met them, and I fell in love with them. They never failed to show how human they were which endeared them even more to me. Through all the hard times, they fought for each other, and they never took the easy way out. They are truly inspiring and so beautiful as a family.

What can I say about Rachelle Ayala? She is a brilliant author who knows how to touch your heart no matter the character, subject matter, or place. Her heart is pure and guided by hands of mercy and grace. You cannot read one of her stories and walk away the same. It is completely impossible. Her words will filter into your very soul and reverberate just when you need to hear them the most. If you are looking for stories that will uplift, challenge, and change you, then look no further.

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