Review: Edge of Bliss

Edge of Bliss
Edge of Bliss by Molly E. Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Edge of Bliss is an absolutely brilliant source of unwavering hope and unconditional love in a world consumed with dark shades of manipulative confusion and blurred boundaries. You will find a safe refuge amidst the storms that rage and destroy within these pages. Open your heart and what you will discover is a treasure much to alluring to turn away from and way to precious to allow its destruction. This book is a true marvel in its outstanding ability to challenge, strengthen, and heal.

Dash and Blake are living a life straight out of their dreams. Blake is finally done with school and nothing is standing in her way of living the life that she and Dash want more than anything. As if Fate herself is smiling down on them, a major Network takes notice of their outstanding work, and wants nothing more than to bestow upon them more wishes then they could have asked for. Their small team is stronger than ever, and with the new funding they are super energized for their limitless future. However, they all know that the calm before the storm can end in the blink of an eye. Like the deadly silence that proceeds a summer storm, a lethal shadow begins to descend upon our tight-knit team and seeks to find their hidden weaknesses. Will they recognize the warning signs before their once strong foundation is ripped out from underneath them, or will they find themselves forever lost to the whims of the basest part of nature itself?

To witness just how far Blake has come is such a beautiful sight to behold. She is like a breathtaking butterfly that has finally broken free of her chrysalis, and is more than ready to stretch her wings and test her boundaries. She is truly a wondrous marvel that Dash has had such a profound effect upon. Their deep and boundless love have yet to touch any of its boundaries, but with the incredible highs comes the devastating lows. It truly shredded my heart to watch these two amazing people struggle to find their balance and hold onto their confidence with outside forces battling to keep them apart. No matter what they were pounded with, I marveled at the steadfast love that neither would truly waver from. Even when dealing with harsh misunderstandings and deeply hurt feelings, their love never truly cracked under the pressure.

Molly Lee is an author that you want to keep a close eye on. This is a lady who shatters every expectation that you will ever have about a powerful, all-consuming, extraordinary story. In fact, she obliterates them as she shows you what a world with no boundaries can look like. It’s up to you to allow her to open your heart and your mind to more. Do you have the courage to step out into her wonderland and risk seeing who you were always meant to become? I know I want to try even if it’s the only risk I ever take.

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