Review: Santa’s Assistant

Santa's Assistant
Santa’s Assistant by J.L. Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Santa’s Assistant is a stunningly sweet and wildly spicy romance that will tug at every part of your heart. You will fall hopelessly in love with the characters who will take you completely by surprise. The storyline will literally sweep you off its feet as it melts your heart. There is no denying the incredible impact it will wield as it unfolds before your eyes. This is definitely one Christmas story that you will not want to miss out on. It will unthaw even then coldest of hearts.

Lucy has admired her boss from afar and would never dare share her feelings with him. She respects him and has no desire to feed the office rumor mill no matter how much she may long for more. With her decision firmly made, she goes about doing her job while keeping her lonely heart in check until that decision is suddenly and firmly taken away from her one day. Nicholas has watched, waited, and planned ever since he first saw Lucy. There is something about her that calls to him on a primal level along with her beautiful heart and mouth-watering figure. He can’t stand not having her close and telling her how he truly feels about her, and just when he can’t stand it any longer, he comes up with a brilliant plan. Will Lucy accept the cheer and goodwill that Nicholas desperately wants to impart to her, or will she choose to wallow in the all too familiar humbug feeling of disappointment and betrayal?

Oh these two really made my head spin and burn with the excitement and anticipation that they bring to the wonderful storyline. They are two people who are looking for so much more in life and yet feel that they have to turn away due to appearances and impropriety. Why we allow others to make us miserable at times is truly beyond me. The reason we hand them so much is a mystery I have yet to unlock and dissect. I am so immensely thrilled when Nicholas has had enough and makes his move. Oh, what sweet bliss to see these two allow their hearts to take the lead! I almost couldn’t breathe when Nicholas first kissed Lucy. It was such a precious, life-changing moment for both of them.

JL Beck continues to amaze and thrill me on so many levels. Her writing is utterly gorgeous and wonderfully surprising. I never know what she will write next, and that thrills me more than anything. Her spectacular heart always shines through each and every word, and I find that I can’t get enough of her books. She is a fabulous author whose writing I am now addicted to.

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