Review: The Shadow Bride

The Shadow Bride
The Shadow Bride by Francesca
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Shadow Bride is a breathtakingly epic and deeply passionate dystopian adventure into discovering and loving every part of who you are in order to truly love anyone else. Finding out that you have one foot in the rabbit hole and the other in the world of denial is an experience like none other. No one can prepare you or help you to see both the ugly and the beautiful parts of your very soul. We are made up of so much more then what other can see, and only we can embrace every part and learn to love and accept everything we find. If our soul is splintered, it is because we have chosen to turn away and ignore the very parts that make us who we are.

Clara loves her perfect life, and she can’t wait to make it even more perfect by marrying the love of her life Tate, right? The one thing that gnaws at her is a deep and festering desire to feel something so deeply that it consumes her. Everything in her life is only skin deep, and she has come to find that it is just not satisfying anymore. Through the results of an accident, she has become aware that her world is not what she thought. With the perfectly measured regulation, people and life are regulated by a set rules of perfection. Will Clara decide to risk everything to find out who she truly is and see beyond the masked world that keeps her captive, or will she give into the wishes of those around her and conform to a life of thinly veiled madness?

Clara and Tate were truly spellbinding. I never saw them coming, and they touched my heart in such a powerful way that I know I won’t be able to see things the same again. They were so much more than their family and friends that they didn’t know what to do with themselves. They were truly kindred souls that would find each other no matter what happened. A love and acceptance like they had for the other is something that is so rare that you can never take it for granted. It is utterly mind-boggling and a true wonder to behold. What I wouldn’t give to experience that.

Francesca is truly a dazzling author who knows how to pull out the deepest of emotions from the depths of your soul. She understands the need to feel whole above all else. If we are just a fraction of who we should be, then how can we truly be a help to those around us? Only the power of a whole person can change the world around them. Their soul holds limitless power that they can wield, and their love burns brighter than the sun itself.

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