Review: Unexpectedly Royal

Unexpectedly Royal
Unexpectedly Royal by Jennifer Domenico
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unexpectedly Royal is a wonderfully unique and brilliantly undeniable success in proving that sometimes life can offer us with exactly what we need if we only have courage to accept and cherish it forever. This is a fun and engaging story of the surprising yet superb happening in the most humdrum and every day of circumstances. What we are given is the best kind of story ever. It’s unassuming and yet marvelous at the same time, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Delaney is a typical woman going about living life on her terms. She is proud of her job, her small life, and her hard-earned accomplishments. However, she wants something more out of her life. She isn’t looking for extraordinary; she just wants something more and better then what she has right now. When Lathan walks into her life as she tries to move out of her comfort zone, she is taken back by how different and yet perfect he seems for her. No matter how hard she fights her strong attraction to him, her heart will not let him go. When her best friend gives her the courage to seek out what she wants most, will Delany find what has she been looking for and then so much more, or will she awake to her worst nightmare?

I was absolutely taken by storm in getting to know Delaney and Lathan. Theirs is a marvelous story of what can happen when we choose to live life using our heart and not our head. I couldn’t get enough of these outstanding characters, their lives, and the convergence of their hearts. What a spectacular journey we are taken on! I couldn’t get over how tremendous the entire cast of characters as they move throughout this wonderfully thrilling world that will delight and entertain. I enjoyed every moment spent with the beautiful pages of this book.

Jennifer Domenico is a truly talented author who knows how to revel and enjoy the entire gamet of human emotions. I laughed, cried, and swooned throughout this entire story. I loved and lived vicariously, and I cherished every moment of the extraordinary love found in every word and emotion. This is a wonderful treasure that you will not want to miss out on.

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