Review: Dangerous Ground

Dangerous Ground
Dangerous Ground by M.R. Rutter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dangerous Ground is an intoxicatingly intelligent masterpiece that will leave you breathless with its sizzling intensity and capture your heart with its potent beauty. This is a story that will transport you to a meticulously crafted world where not all is as it seems, and evil wears the mask of innocence and beauty. Behind the benign is a lethal force that will take without thinking and never pause to think of more than its own desires. You will find yourself diving deep into this ocean of tumultuous waves that will threaten to take more from you then just your life.

She has fought to earn her place in her current job while those around her poke and jeer at her for being a woman deputy. She can do her job just as well as a man, and she will do whatever she needs to do to prove that claim. However, she finds herself stretched thin as she tries to meet the demands of her family left broken by the loss of her parents. As if she doesn’t have enough on her mind, a stranger comes barreling into her life making her heart feel things she isn’t sure she can explain. Will she find herself heading head first into failure when she is confronted with the most demanding and torturous case of her career, or will an unexpected stranger give her the strength she needs to pull it all together and fight for everything that she is worth?

I was completely impressed by the incredible depth of the characters and the spectacular storyline that caught my attention and never let go. I was in so deep that I completely lost track of time while reading this wonderful romantic thriller. There is nothing better than being sucked into such a fantastic story with characters who challenge and broaden your mind! I couldn’t get enough and hated to see it end. It was a wonderful ride with ingenious twists and turns that I will never forget.

M.R. Rutter has stolen my heart and put herself on my short list of favorite authors. I cannot truly wait to see what she creates next! She has given me an excitement that is uncontainable and infectious. What a remarkably talented author!!

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