Review: A Kick in the Pants

A Kick in the Pants
A Kick in the Pants by Jenna Sutton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Kick in the Pants is a delightfully, sizzling temptation wrapped in a fantasy and tied with a ribbon of hope. It is wondrously fun story that will have you laughing in one breath and aching in the next. You will find yourself completely taken by storm, and you will fall in love with every second of this beautiful story. Even in its short length, it tells a fabulous story with such depth and meaning that it will tear your heart apart and then rebuild it stronger than before. It will tempt your heart and never fail to stimulate your mind.

Jake is used to taking risks. It’s a language that he is intimately familiar with and has no problems acting on. The biggest risk he will ever take has him rightfully tied up in knots because it is everything that he has wanted. If he loses this gamble, he knows he won’t survive it. Kyla finally has her life under control. She is heading in the right direction and can sense that things are only going to be profitable from here on out if she plays her cards right. What she doesn’t count on is her uncontrollable attraction to her boss Jake. No matter the cost, she will not lose her safe respect and reputation by doing something stupid, so she locks her feelings away. She won’t depend on luck for her future because she knows it always lets her down. Can Kyla push through to the next part of her life that promises a bright future ahead of her, or will she find herself at the mercy of luck’s spite?

While I love Jake’s sweet yet determined personality, I absolutely adored Kyla. She is a woman who knows what she wants and will not hesitate to go after it. Her tenacity is truly inspiring. What a refreshing thing it is to see a heroine who doesn’t wait but snatches up what she wants without qualms or questions. Taking what she needs after quickly weighing the risks and then going full steam ahead was such a beautiful sight to behold. Nothing could hold her back from what she wanted. Oh, how I wish I could be her.

Jenna Sutton writes with a clarity and an insightfulness that left me reeling at times. She poured her heart onto each page, and I felt my deepest desires echoes with each written word. The breathless wonder I felt while reading this story stayed with me the entire time and made me hate to see this story end. I can’t wait to read from this wonderful author! She is one to keep a close eye on.

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