Review: Dirty Dealers

Dirty Dealers
Dirty Dealers by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dirty Dealers is an exquisitely brilliant romantic suspense that will have your mind tied in knots while leaving your heart completely blissed out. This book allowed me to get into Logan’s head and learn so much more about this amazing protector of a man. I knew he was something special, but I wasn’t prepared for just how special he really is. His story is one filled with just as much danger and intrigue as it is with red hot passion and fiery love. What I found within these pages is something incredibly special and truly one of a kind.

Cassandra has made some hard choices throughout her life. She is not proud of all of them, but she has no way out now. Just when she has resigned herself to her fate, she is thrown into Logan’s path to watch the sparks fly. Logan doesn’t know what to think when he finds the only girl he loved standing before him as a breathtakingly beautiful woman. He chalks it up luck smiling down on him, so he takes Cassandra by the hand and makes up his mind to never let her go again. It’s what Logan doesn’t know that will haunt them both. Cassandra isn’t sure how to tell Logan what happened to her after he left to join the Guard, but she knows that she needs someone she can unquestionably trust. Unlikely friends make the best allies when you find your back slammed against an impossibly unmovable wall. Will Logan be able to keep his feisty angel in his life forever, or will he find only more disappointment and close his arms around empty air?

Logan without a doubt stole my heart right along with Cassandra throughout this wonderful adventure! They both stole the air from my lungs as I watched their sweet young love blossom into a magnificent love that is made to last a lifetime. Cassandra is a strong woman who lives her life on her terms until life throws her a rotten twist causing her world to spin out of control. Logan hated walking out her life, but he didn’t see any other options back then. If onlys and what ifs haunt them both as they slowly rediscover each other and the astounding potential of their burgeoning love. The wild twists and turns along the way added so much dimension and depth to their overall story and made it a truly extraordinary journey.

Tia Louise never stops crafting stories that thrill and amaze me. She is proof of pure genius, and I treasure each of her wonderful stories. The imagination and creativity found within these pages is truly out of this world! Whatever you do, do yourself a favor, and indulge in one of her delicious stories. You will not regret it.

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