Review: Blue Chow Christmas

Blue Chow Christmas
Blue Chow Christmas by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blue Chow Christmas is a truly fantastic second chance at love story! It isn’t your typical story which is what I love the most about it. The pure uniqueness and raw honesty pulled at every part of my heart. There is more than enough mystery and danger to keep you glued to your kindle while the overflowing love and hope makes you feel every emotion that our beautiful characters experience along the way. There is nothing more exquisite then opening your mind and your heart to the one you love and keeping them close forever. Nothing is guaranteed, but some things are worth any risk to find and cherish them for as long as you can.

Cait is used to being the loud, busy-body older sister of her big family. She is an expert on how to drown her own emotions and desires while focusing on her siblings. Unsure of what to do with herself and her inner struggles, she decides to be there for her husband Brian while he mourns the loss of his favorite high school teacher. Brian isn’t sure what to make of Cait’s forward move to try to sooth him during this painful time. He isn’t sure how to deal with his wife’s sweet and unwanted comfort, so he sets his own plan in motion to get back what was taken from him. He is a man who is motivated and knows what he wants, but Cait is throwing off his confidence and determination by her uncharacteristic attention and affection. Will these two find the love they unknowingly share before an unknown danger rips the chance from them permanently?

I wasn’t ever sure what to make of Cait until now, and I was completely blown away at how much depth there is to her. She doesn’t really let anyone in even though her struggles should not be carried alone. Brian is a very interesting guy, but this story really opened my eyes to the fact that he’s a really great guy. He just doesn’t view the world the same as everyone else. He also deals with a painful past, and he doesn’t know how to reach out to Cait like he knows she needs. When these two finally get serious about reconnecting, they not only clear the air in grand style, but they also know how to make the other softly pliable through their undeniable emotional and physical connection. They have so much beautiful potential and to ignore is to only bring heartache where none should exist.

This story touched me deeply and made me crave things that I never had. The Harts are such a wonderful close knit family that would be anything for each other. Oh that makes my heart soar and yet weep at the same time. Rachelle Ayala has an uncanny way of tearing back another layer from my shielded heart. It’s truly undeniable, and I can’t stop it from bleeding a little. However, each precious story helps me to heal just a little more and teach me about things that I have never realized until now. She is truly a life-changer as she pours her whole heart and soul into each exquisite masterpiece!

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