Review: Shades of Resolution

Shades of Resolution
Shades of Resolution by Aimee McNeil
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shades of Resolution is a gloriously soul searching and wonderfully enlightening journey filled with new revelations and long sought after hope. It filled my dreary day with a promise of light with each new twist and turn that pulled on my heart and opened my eyes to the extraordinary characters that permeate this marvelous story. Discovering the next evolution of this fabulous series never failed to touch every part of my heart. I have truly fallen in love with this fascinating storyline and its remarkable characters.

Lexie finds herself licking her wounds and wondering what life will bring her next. She carries a horrible secret that threatens to obliterate everything good in her suddenly too small world. She is terrified about what will happen once the truth is revealed. The one person she loves and longs for the most will never be able to get past this revelation for it changes everything for him. Jackson masterminded and drove the effort to rescue Lexie, and he can’t understand why she is pulling away from him. Just when they need to stand together stronger than ever in order to see his ultimate plan come to pass, he isn’t sure how this new turn will effect things. One thing is for sure – he will never let her go without a fight. She is everything he wants and can’t live without. Can the wall between them be obliterated with time and love, or will they find themselves once again at the mercy of the evil that will never stop hunting them?

I couldn’t be more amazed and delighted to see just how far Lexie, Jackson, and their friends have come since this series started. It seriously blows my mind to see how much they have changed while becoming who they always meant to be but were too afraid to grab onto. My heart grew exponentially at seeing what true love and hope looks like for Lexie and Stephanie. They deserve the world, and they are on their way to getting it and so much more. I am thrilled to know that this story isn’t done yet. There are still questions left to answer, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Aimee McNeil is a wildly gifted and awe-inspiring author that never fails to rock my world to its very core. I am on pins and needles to see what comes around the next corner, and while she is at the helm, it will be beyond my expectations! You need to give this author a chance. I guarantee that she will dazzle your senses and sizzle even the hardest of hearts as she takes you on a trip that you will never forget.

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